tiny fountain pen necklace

Inside this miniature 1.25″ fountain pen charm is a real working nib. It can be dipped and will write. Comes with a tiny ink bottle charm that can hold ink to ink the pen nib. Pretty charming.

Pen comes on a 18″ silver plated chain.

($34.99 from YougNeek on Etsy, tip o’ the hat to Dan at Karas Kustoms for the link)

3 comments on “The Tinieist Fountain Pen”

  1. A-freaking-dorable!!
    (Also, commenting to update my email sub thru WordPress, it doesn’t seem to have followed you to the new servers.)

    • It’s a bummer that the comment credentials didn’t travel over. I’m glad you are all updated and can comment with impunity again!

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