LWA Fountain Pen Workshop

The Letter Writers Alliance is hosting a Fountain Pen Lab next Saturday in Chicago at the amazing Greer Stationery Shop. The lab is limited to 6 people and the lab fee includes a Kaweco sport demonstrator pen with a medium nib as well as all their experiences and knowledge about using fountain pens and improving penmanship.

Fountain Pen Laboratory
Saturday, Oct. 11th from 1-3pm
Location: Greer, 1657 N Wells St, Chicago, IL
Fee: $75

Go to the Letter Writers Alliance blog to register.

5 comments on “LWA Fountain Pen Laboratory”

  1. $75 ?? If the “students” get into fountain pens they will soon realize what they paid for. Not in the fountain pen spirit I have encountered in the past year. Wow!

    • Hi Sandy! Sorry you feel that way about our workshop. We are trying to get people over their intimidation of fountain pens and are supplying a lot of materials (booklets, a fountain pen, stationery, and future pen consultation) on top of the lesson plan, which affects the class fee. I’d love to hear your thoughts on promoting a positive fountain pen community. I’m also interested in what kind of pens you use! Feel free to email me: hello (at) letterwriters (dot) org

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