Fashionable Friday: Bibliophile

This is one of the biggest Fashionable Friday posts I’ve ever put together and I could have crammed even MORE into it. I love books, bookstores and biblio-puns. I even have a board on Pinterest where I’ve collected posters, jewelry and other goodies that I like that is bibliocentric and where several of the items that ended up in this week’s FF originated. I suspect many of you analog writers are probably also analog readers as well, or avid readers in general. I am a reading enthusiast and read both digital and analog books. I like art books, knitting and craft books analog but I tend to get my genre fiction digitally these days. How do you read?

  • Book Nerd enamel pin $10.50 (via Rather Keen on Etsy)
  • Book Shop enamel pin $10 (via Rather Keen on Etsy)
  • Night Owl Book Club embroidered patch $6 (via Rather Keen on Etsy)
  • “I Like Big Books” Tote $20 (via Barnes & Noble)
  • “From The Library Of” Custom Embosser $19.99 (via Amazon)
  • Knock Knock Personal Library Kit $18.49 (via Amazon)
  • “Go Away I’m Reading” Bone China Mug £9.95 (via Literary Gift Company)
  • “Literary Art for Booklovers” Letterpress Bookmarks $15 for set of four (via TagTeamTompkins on Etsy)
  • Uni Mitsubishi 9850 HB Pencil with Eraser $1 each (via JetPens)
  • Caran d’Ache Chromatics Fountain Pen Ink in Infra Red (50ml bottle) $33.20 (via Pen Chalet)
  • Librarian Enamel Pin Badge $6.31 (via Etsy)
  • MT Encyclopedia Washi Tape Japanese $6.50 per roll (via CuteTape)
  • Paperblanks Nova Stella Nox Blank Grande Journal $31.95 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Aurora Blue-Black Ink (45ml Bottle) $14.95 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Walnut Butler Pen Pot $38 (via Fresh Stock Japan)
  • Raymay Easy-to-See 15cm Grid Ruler $1.95 (via JetPens)
  • Diamine Twilight Ink (80ml Bottle) $14.95 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Field Notes Front Page Reporter’s Notebook (2-Pack) $12.95 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Fortuna Mosaico fountain pen Rome white €210 (via Fontoplumo)
  • Factis BM2 Mechanical Pencil Eraser $8.95 (via ArtSnacks)

Link Love: Pencil Talk is Back!




Paper & Notebooks:

Other Interesting Things:

And the font that launched a thousand Field Notes, the Apollo program and messed with the Nazis. Who doesn’t love Futura just a little bit?

Desks are for more than just writing!

On Mardi Gras, of all days, it seems appropriate to celebrate the use of desks for more than just writing or reading or other solemn or sedentary acts. Today, let’s celebrate the winner of the third annual Tiny Desk Contest. The winers are Tank and the Bangas who are appropriately from New Orleans, the soul of Mardi Gras in the US. They jammed out on the desks in the art room in a school classroom showing that desks are great for making music, making magic and making dreams come true. Congrats to Tank and the Bangas! And Happy Mardi Gras! Roulez Bon Temps!

For full details about the Tiny Desk Contest and to listen to the full radio report, visit

News: The Pencil Perfect

Look what popped up this morning in my Amazon recommendations! Yes, folks, Caroline Weaver of CW Pencil Enterprise fame has a book on the way! The book is called The Pencil Perfect: The Untold Story of a Cultural Icon and it will be released in hardcover on April 24, 2017. The price is listed at $40 for the hardcover and I’m sure that CW Pencil Enterprise will be hosting an epic book release party. Keep an eye on their blog for more news.

Congrats, Caroline, and I can’t wait to get my copy. Maybe someday, you’ll sign it for me?

Fashionable Friday: Indi-Ana Jones and The Pens of Doom

This week I’ve been absolutely smitten with all things Traveler’s Noteboook-y. Rich worn, leather covers and brass fittings and all the trappings of having my very own archaeological artifact like Indiana Jones. So, this week, I donned my own fedora and boots and went spelunking.

  • Grail Diary Hero Prop Replica from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (via S’wak Props and Indiana Jones Wikia)
  • [TSLxBK] “Travel for Life” brass plate $24 (via Baum Kuchen)
  • Nakaya Sumiko:A Skull [no.13016] Fountain Pen $2,300 (via Nakaya)
  • Visconti Fountain Pen Ink in Sepia (40ml bottle) $17.50 (via Pen Chalet)
  • Japanese Washi Tape THIN GRID Blue Green Brown Grid 18mm $4.25 per roll (via CuteTape)
  • Traveler’s Notebook Regular Size Starter Kit in Camel Leather $53.50 (via JetPens)
  • Aurora 88 Ottantotto Big Black Fountain Pen with Chrome Trim € 495 (via Fontoplumo)
  • Diamine Ancient Copper Ink (80ml Bottle) $14.95 (via Anderson Pens)
  • The Temple Bespoke Hat, starting at $375 (via the Penman Hats)
  • Telegram Stationery $12 (via Letter Writers Alliance)
  • Midori Brass Pencil $16 (via Fresh Stock Japan)
  • Don’t Call Me Junior T-Shirt $24 (via Hieroic)
  • “We Do Not Follow Maps” Art Mini Print $17 (via Society6)
  • Alden Men’s Indy High Top Blucher Workboot in Natural Chromexcel $585 (via The Shoemart)
  • Waxed Canvas Leather Messenger Bag $55 (via Rock Cow Studio)
  • Rohrer & Klingner Glass Dip Pen in Blue Gold $27 (via Pen Chalet)

Pencil Review: Dixon Reach Deep Hole Pencils

I confess that when I saw the Dixon Reach DEEP HOLE pencils I laughed uncontrollably. My reaction to these pencils (or at least the branding and packaging) was similar to the reaction a lot of people had to Bic for Her pens. I understand that there is a use-case for these within the construction industry but the HOLE (pun intended) thing is just so BIC for HIM. Especially considering that, on first glance, its just a bridge pencil repainted in “manly” black paint.

I provided a clear photo of the packaging for full entertainment purposes. My other response was that “doesn’t graphite mark on most surfaces anyway?” to the second point that indicates “special lead marks on most surfaces”.  The final bullet indicates that the lead is PMA certified which is also vague. It could either be certified by the FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval, Pilates Method Alliance or… maybe… the Pencil Makers Association! Probably should have been a bit more specific since it looks like its pretty hard to get that particular certification.

I got out my trusty Hester & Cook trusty Bridge Pencil to compare to the Dixon Reach and it turns out that the Reach is actually thinner than a traditional Bridge pencil. It’s also a good deal longer even without a ferrule and eraser. While I find a Bridge pencil pretty comfortable to handle the Dixon is too thin to really handle for much more than the occasional mark making as its been indicated for use. The long, paintbrush length gives it a strange balance too. It’s slim dimensions will mean sharpening will require either a knife or some experimentation to fit into a standard sharpener.

The graphite is pretty dark and a bit waxy. I suspect that is what makes it more “write on any surface”. I does erase pretty easily with my favorite Staedtler Mars Plastic. It doesn’t smudge too much but is susceptible to water solubility so the waxiness is a water soluble wax. If you are using this to mark on surfaces, you should be able to get most marks off with soap and water (think Stabilo All pencils and other grease pencils).

So there you have it. Next time you are at the hardware store (Bob found these for me at Lowe’s), don’t forget to skim the end caps and pencil aisle. You never know what you might find.

Upcoming Events (AKA I’m terrible at self-promotion)

First, there’s just a few hours left to back The Pen Addict Live 2017 – RelayCon Atlanta & DC Pen Show on Kickstarter and get a chance to the special video of Brad and Myke in Atlanta (and ME in the third chair) AND get the cool Pen Addict podcast NockCo “only-available-here” Sapelo pen case. Three years of RelayCon wonder! I can’t believe how lucky I am!

Of course, this means that I will be in Atlanta for the Atlanta Pen Show in April. I will be helping out at the Vanness Pens table for most of the weekend this year but can be found behind a mic for the Pen Addict Live event and at the bar in the evenings. Or at the Waffle House. I will need my sustenance!

Before Atlanta however, The Well-Appointed Desk and Skylab Letterpress will make its pen show debut at the Arkansas Pen Show on Friday, March 17th – Sunday, March 19th at The Crowne Plaza in Little Rock. We will be selling some vintage office supplies including a selection from my typewriter archives, some fine stationery products from Skylab like notecards and assorted paper goods. I’ll also have an array of rubber stamps for those interested.

And… we’ll be debuting a brand new product from The Well-Appointed Desk and Skylab Letterpress! We’ve been working on this for several months and a few people in the community have been privy to details about the project but it will be unveiled at the Arkansas Pen Show just a few weeks away! After the release, I will make it available online.

So stay tuned and I hope to see folks at the upcoming shows!

Future show plans include Chicago, DC, San Francisco and Dallas this year. I’m hoping to be helping out with Vanness at most of these shows this year but I’ll keep you all posted as things develop. Let the pen show season begin!