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Video: Philip Ashforth Coppola Illustrating New York City’s Subway Stations

Philip Ashforth Coppola has spent the last 38 years illustrating the details of New York City’s subway stations. Many of the illustrations are done with ballpoint pen and are exquisitely detailed. New York Bound Books has published small editions of bound volumes of some of the sketches. This video is from the Great Big Story series.

There’s a lovely article on the NYTimes and there is also a 30 minute film short called One Track Mind that also details Coppola’s work.

Art of the Day: Momiji Figures

Momiji Clever Clogs

Momiji makes super cute resin figures, hand painted and beautifully packaged with a slot at the bottom to hide a secret message. My pal Sandi over at Creatively Curated told me about the pen and pencil themed designs recently released and I finally got down my list to check them out. Then immediately ordered them both. And it was hard to stop with just two figures. Everything they make is so amazing. I really wanted the giant 6.5″ tall Emmeline daredevil figure but my husband talked me out of it since its $69.95.

The pencil figure is called Clever Clogs and sells for $21.95 and stands about 3″ (8cm) tall. The fountain pen figure is called Create and is also $21.95 and 3″ tall.

momiji Create Figure

Art of the Day: Art Gang Scarf

Art Gang Scarf by Karl James Mountford

Has there ever been a fashion accessory more perfectly aligned to the readers of The Well-Appointed Desk than the Art Gang Scarf by Karl James Mountford? At 55″ square and made from microfiber polyester, this scarf can double as a cover up or even as a coverlet as demonstrated by my darling pal Sara Harvey over on her blog, Bleed in Colors. The scarf costs $35 and can be shipped in time for Christmas. So, if you were trying to think of a last-minute gift for me… this is it! 😉

Love Wins

I know people are already starting to complain about too many rainbows in their Facebook and Instagram feeds but I was so tickled at the outpouring of love and support from all the folks in my Instagram feed yesterday that I couldn’t help but share some of the wonderful, creative and paper-inspired images. I love that people are using their tools to celebrate and embrace everyone. I’m proud to be a part of such a great community.

lovewins1Top to bottom, left to right: @lilasymons, @filednotesbrand, @besamecosmetics, @skylabletterpress, @tagteamtompkins, @presentandcorrect, @gemmacorrell, @emilymcdowell, @bygumbygolly.

If you’re interested in the #LoveWins split-fountain letterpress print that Skylab Letterpress made yesterday, email them from their web site and let them know you want to order one. They are hoping to donate the proceeds for the sale of the print to a local LGBT charity here in KC.


Top to bottom, left to right: @michaelong, @jasperfforde, @cwpencilenterprise, @4theloveoftoys, @mypapercrane, @heymatthew, @candyspotting, @shopcraftgasm, @sarahwalshmakesthings.


Left to right, top to bottom: @ceylangul, @wellapptdesk, @curbsidetreasure, @adelinesattic, @paperpastries and @dovbee.


Art of the Day: Oliver Jeffries

stluis-3 charlotte-2

Oliver Jeffers sketchbook illustrations for the United Airlines in-flight magazine. It looks like they were drawn a pocket-sized Moleskine Cahier using waxy colored pencils and some white ink or gel pens. Gorgeous!

I made a bunch of maps for the United Airlines inflight magazine. They are all geographically accurate.


Visit Oliver Jeffers site to see all the images from the collection and admire his other work as well. Check out the sketchbook section to see some amazing collages and messy, well-loved sketchbooks.

(shoutout to The Cramped for the tip)

Parcel Ghost Postal Whimsy

A Blank Book Called New Year’s

new years quote


I meant to post this on New Year’s Day but I left the lettering in my scanner at work and forgot to scan it. I found it this morning. The sentiment remains true and any day can be the first chapter of your new year.

This was drawn with a flexible nib dip pen in a Tachikawa wooden nib holder using Pelikan 4001 black ink on Borden & Riley 100R Rough Cotton Rag Marker Paper (which has been discontinued). I scanned it in black and white and colorized in Photoshop.