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Upcoming Events (AKA I’m terrible at self-promotion)

First, there’s just a few hours left to back The Pen Addict Live 2017 – RelayCon Atlanta & DC Pen Show on Kickstarter and get a chance to the special video of Brad and Myke in Atlanta (and ME in the third chair) AND get the cool Pen Addict podcast NockCo “only-available-here” Sapelo pen case. Three years of RelayCon wonder! I can’t believe how lucky I am!

Of course, this means that I will be in Atlanta for the Atlanta Pen Show in April. I will be helping out at the Vanness Pens table for most of the weekend this year but can be found behind a mic for the Pen Addict Live event and at the bar in the evenings. Or at the Waffle House. I will need my sustenance!

Before Atlanta however, The Well-Appointed Desk and Skylab Letterpress will make its pen show debut at the Arkansas Pen Show on Friday, March 17th – Sunday, March 19th at The Crowne Plaza in Little Rock. We will be selling some vintage office supplies including a selection from my typewriter archives, some fine stationery products from Skylab like notecards and assorted paper goods. I’ll also have an array of rubber stamps for those interested.

And… we’ll be debuting a brand new product from The Well-Appointed Desk and Skylab Letterpress! We’ve been working on this for several months and a few people in the community have been privy to details about the project but it will be unveiled at the Arkansas Pen Show just a few weeks away! After the release, I will make it available online.

So stay tuned and I hope to see folks at the upcoming shows!

Future show plans include Chicago, DC, San Francisco and Dallas this year. I’m hoping to be helping out with Vanness at most of these shows this year but I’ll keep you all posted as things develop. Let the pen show season begin!

Two Kickstarter Projects For You!

There are a coupole of projects on Kickstarter right now that Well-Appointed readers might want to know about and maybe, just maybe, you might want to back them.

The first one I wanted to bring to your attention is the COMP notebook project. I’ve mentioned a couple times in the past about how Michael Beirut, a designer of some note, has used plain composition notebooks to document his creative life. Well, Aaron Fay, a designer who works for Michael finally took notice and decided to build a better composition notebook. Hallelujah! I’m backing this project but this is seriously a notebook built for someone like me — a designer, a paper snob, a fountain pen user and someone who can name check both Michael Beirut and Pentagram at the drop of a hat. But don’t let that stop you from backing the project and, in the future, also being able to become someone who name checks Michael Beirut, Pentagram and becomes a paper and pen snob too.

Nitty Gritty COMP Notebook info:

    • Available lined or unlined
    • 9.75″ x 7.5″
    • 148 pages
    • Offset printed covers
    • Sewn and cold glued, square back, boards on, layflat binding
    • 120 gsm ultra white, semi-smooth, uncoated interior paper
    • Excellent writing surface for fountain pen, pencil, ball point pen, and many other instruments
    • Color-through dyed black endsheets
    • Thick hardcovers wrapped with a custom designed pattern printed on the finest micro-embossed paper
    • Square corners
    • Black Italian cialux cloth
    • Interior lines (for lined version) printed offset with stochastic screening

The COMP is definitely a notebook speaks to me. Its simple but has improved upon a classic in all the ways that are important: paper quality, binding and overall quality. I hope this product does well and can be produced for a long time to come because a composition book with good quality blank pages would be a thing a beauty!

The second project is the Slice planner. I’m pretty sure Gentleman Stationer has waxed on about it already but if you’ve ever wanted to get all crazy with the visual planning system of the Chronodex system best known through the work of Patrick Ng of Scription fame, than you might want to try the Slice planner. The Slice Planner combines paper and digital components to create a modern planning system that is the best of both worlds.

I haven’t backed this yet because I haven’t quite figured out how to visualize using the chronodex model. I’m not sure my brain works like that but maybe yours does? And I already backed another planner on Kickstarter. How many planners can I use in a calendar year anyway? How many can you?


Kickstarter: Write Your Own Adventure – 2017 Planner

Just yesterday, Ask The Desk was filled with questions about planners for 2017 and this morning I discovered the Write Your Own Adventure planner from Emma Kate Co. in Australia. This looks like such a good option for 2017 that I backed the project and bought two. When they arrive, I plan to give one away because I think it will make a good blog holiday gift. Let’s hope they ship in time.


The planner is hardcover with die cut tabs at the bottom of the pages and the weekends are given more space than the weekdays. I don’t know about you but that just about aligns with my life. I do way more on the weekends than I do on the weekdays. Or I try to cram more in, anyway.

There is dot grid and simple details with minimal design elements and just a few little quotes throughout. Just enough to feel nice but not so much as to feel cluttered.

The book is available with a grey or blush pink cover, I ordered one of each.

I’m looking forward to a year where I can write my own adventure. How about you?

Kickstarter: Ti Arto – The Ultimate Refill Friendly Pen

The new Big Idea Design Ti Arto Kickstarter project features the most ambitious Ti pen yet. This one will allow for over 200 different refills without any hacks or tip wiggle. How could I not support a project like this? So, if you, like me have a favorite refill or six, then this is a pen you’ll need to add to your collection. One titanium pen is $65 when backed through Kickstarter and there is still more than 30 days left in the campaign to get in on the project. They have already exceeded their goal about 20 times over so its pretty safe to say this project is a go. Its also the twelfth Big Idea Design Kickstarter project so these guys know what they’re doing in terms of meeting deadlines and shipping requirements.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chadwick Parker (half of the Big Idea Design team) in Chicago this spring and he is as passionate about pens and craftsmanship in person as he appears in the video so I am delighted to back this project myself. That’s right, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

So I’m looking forward to having one of these pens in hand and putting the 200+ refill claim to the test — and you know I will.

Good luck to Big Idea Design on their newest venture and congrats to them on creating another amazing looking project. I’m so excited to try it out. Will you?

Kickstarter: RelayCon Atlanta 2016

It’s happening again! Brad and Myke are getting the gang back together for a live recording of The Pen Addict podcast in Atlanta at the pen show in April and they are letting me tag along again. Help support our efforts to be the nerdiest of all pen nerds and get a cool notebook, and an opportunity to pause the video while we make ridiculous faces (over and over) by backing the Kickstarter, RelayCon Atlanta 2016. The gift that keeps on gif-ing!

Back the project for just $10 to get the video, $15 to get the notebook (and spare yourself the silly video), $25 for both. Go crazy and back at $50 and get 3 sets of notebooks and the video.

And if you’ll be in Atlanta this year for the show, come be a part of our live studio audience! How weird is it to say that?

Kickstarter: Leftybooks

How can I not support a Kickstarter project that is attempting to create a product to make writing easier and more comfortable for left-handed writers? I couldn’t. So I put my money where my mouth (or in this case my keyboard is) and backed the Leftybooks project which is a notebook designed to help left-handed writers write more easily without dragging their hands through their ink or graphite.

I pledged for the Ambidextrous Couple Set with the B5 Lefty notebook as well as an A5 dot grid notebook. The total with shipping will be around $35. The one aspect of the books not included in the video is the paper stock weight which is always a subject of heated discussion amongst the fountain pen community but the video specifically talks about environmental factors and FSC certified paper so I suspect the paper is not going to be fountain pen friendly but fine for gel, rollerball, pencil and ballpoint.

The project was the creation of a team out of Spain called Imborrable and offers lines that are angled downward ever so slightly to help keep lefties with any hand position from smudging quite so much.

The campaign has 19 days left and they are only one-quarter to their goal of $10K. Let’s help them get there — one Leftybook at a time! And let’s put an end to the smudge!

Kickstarter: Baron Fig Squire Pen

Baron Fig Squire Kickstarter

After successfully launching their Confidant notebooks, Baron Fig has decided to tackle the pen market now too. Today, they launched their first entry into the pen market, The Squire. The simple design, aluminum pen is available in two finishes: silver and charcoal to match their signature notebooks. The Squire features a twist mechanism to reveal the pen tip and was designed to be small enough to fit in your pocket but long enough to fit comfortably in your hand.

The Squire is etched with the Baron Fig name and a sword, as in “mightier than a… ” All in all the design is clean and simple.

The Baron Fig Squire uses a Parker-style 0.6 mm fine capless rollerball refill so there are lots of options for modifying what type of refills you might use with the  pen.

The project can be backed for as little as $50 and the project has already been funded after being live for just five hours. There’s several other funding options, some of which include a special limited edition Confidant notebook too. You in?