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Fountain Pen Day Giveaway Winners!

Happy Fountain Pen Day

Holy Cow! We had so many entries into the Fountain Pen Day giveaway it was mind boggling! I am so excited to be able to give away so many great prizes and so much interest and enthusiasm around Fountain Pen Day.  So much so that I drew an extra name and put together a bonus package of goodies including a JetPens mini fountain pen, a notebook and a few other goodies to help spread more Fountain Pen Day love so there are even more giveaway winners!


Each winner was notified by email so congrats to everyone and have a great and fountain pen-tastic Fountain Pen Day!

November Spawned A Monster Project

October was all about Inktober, the inky-related drawing project, but November is the start of new month-long projects. The biggest is NaNoWriMo and I know a lot of people are already in the throes of preparation for this epic project to try to write a novel in a month. This is a big deal for a lot of folks in our community. They get their notebooks prepped, their pens and pencils out and then they plan out how many pages they will need to write each day to accomplish their goal.

I will be participating in another project in November, known as NaKniSweMo, National Knit A Sweater In A Month. This will be my seventh year (I think) and while its probably not as epic as writing a novel, its a challenge I look forward doing every year. So much so that my friend Laura and I have become the de facto hostesses of the Ravelry group. So, starting tomorrow, I will begin knitting my “Breathing Space” pullover from yarn dyed by a local friend and a contrasting yarn acquired on my recent trip to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. I will be cheering on all the writers out there and resting my drawing hand, having finished my Inktober challenge.

Congrats to all the artists who participated in Inktober and three cheers for the writers who are setting off on NaNoWriMo and to all the knitters out there, may your yarns not get tangled and your gauge swatches be accurate in November!

Winners: Denik Notebook Giveaway

Denik Notebooks 2

Holy Cow (to quote my favorite Cubs announcer)! We have a lot of winners to announce in the Denik notebook giveaway. So here’s the list of lucky winners:

  • Marie E.
  • Brian N.
  • Brenda
  • Rose
  • Alan T.
  • Dave M.
  • KF
  • Nick VZ
  • Heidi
  • Vivian

You have each been contacted by email to get your mailing address. If I don’t hear from you within a week, I’ll have to draw new names. Okay? Time (and notebooks) don’t wait for slow pokes! Check your junk mail filters! Congrats to the winners and big thanks to Denik for their generosity!



Off The Grid: Up To My Ears In Fluff


Just wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a little vacation. I’ll be off the grid in upstate New York for the rest of the week, communing with knitters, nature and hopefully a few alpacas like my friend above at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival. Hope you all can survive without me and don’t steal the hubcaps off the blog while I’m gone.

I’ll be back next week for a late edition of Link Love and some much-anticipated pen and ink reviews. I’ll do my best to keep up my Inktober drawings while I’m gone so check out my Instagram. I’ll try to post if I get any cell reception or if I can squeeze any bandwidth from the other enthusiastic social media mavens.

Day 2 "A is also for Alpaca"

The Unspeakable: Theft at Dromgoole’s in Houston

On Tuesday, just days before the Dallas Pen Show, the unspeakable happened to Dromgoole’s Fine Writing in Houston — a man walked into their shop and jammed $7000 worth of Montblanc pens into his pockets and walked out while Dromgoole and his wife were busy with other customers. And it all happened in less than 60 seconds.

But Dromgoole’s came to the Dallas Pen Show and made a good showing with lots of great products and everyone — customers and other retailers alike — were supportive of them and the terrible loss they suffered prior to the show.

We normally think of the pen community as a place full of amazing people and it is. This one guy isn’t part of our community. He’s an interloper and an ass and he will be caught. If you happen to see anyone trying to sell any Montblancs without packaging or you suspect it might have come from this theft, send the info you have to Dromgoole’s so they can forward it on to the local investigators. Don’t engage the suspects yourself.

And if you local pen shop has lax security, doesn’t lock up their cases or might need to upgrade their security system, let them know you care about their success and protection. Get them to move those cabinet keys and take the expensive pens out of the windows at night, etc. I’d hate to see a shop go out of business because a crime like this left them stretched beyond their means.

News: Podcast Update & Dallas Pen Show

housekeepingI’ve got two pieces of news to share.

First, there was a podcast snafu last night when we recorded Art Supply Posse. As a result, we are having to re-record the whole show again tonight. So, Episode 16 will not be posting until late on Wednesday, Sept. 21. Sorry for the delay.

As Heather said last night, we were riding the struggle bus yesterday in a big way. Technical difficulties were the word of the day! Everybody cross your fingers that tonight we catch the express bus.



My second piece of news is that I’m headed to Dallas tomorrow for the Dallas Pen Show! If you’re in the area, come by and say hello! I’ll be working at the Vanness Pens table with the always delightful Lisa Vanness and her crew. We’ll be selling gallons of awesome inks like KWZ, Callifolio, Robert Oster, and many more along with pens, paper and accessories. Admission is just $5 a day Friday and Saturday so come on… you know you want to! Friday the show is open until 8pm so bail out of work early and come by. As always, you can find me at the hotel bar after hours, I’ll be the one with the inky fingers.

Housekeeping: Keeping My Head Above The Rising Ink

housekeepingJust wanted to post a quick “housekeeping” post to let you know what’s going on around here.

First, I added some new links in the Guide Sheets to some other awesome resources from Leigh Reyes and Ink Journal. GO now and check them out! I plan on adding more guide sheet options in the future but Leigh and Tom have created so cool things that are definitely worth trying out.

Next, I reclaimed my mini GorillaPod from Bob so I’m hoping to add some videos to Instagram in the coming weeks. I’ll try to remember to post them here too but you may want to make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see any videos, stories and pen show silliness as it happens.

Finally, I know I am WAY behind on product reviews but have faith, as soon as I’m back from San Francisco there will be an avalanche of reviews. I have a metric ton of inks to review, about a gross of pencils, some fountain pens (both my own and loaners), some notebooks and sketchbooks and many Ask The Desk questions queued up to be answered. I have not forgotten, I’ve just gotten behind on EVERYTHING from laundry to work to life itself. So, don’t despair. I’ll get back to a more regular schedule in the next couple weeks.

If you have any questions, Ask The Desk topics or things you’re dying for my to review ASAP, drop me a line at chair (at) wellappointeddesk (dot) com and I’ll put them on the top of my list.