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Click Bait: 19 Instagrams You Should Follow If You Love Pretty Handwriting Redux

Click bait giant Buzzfeed posted 19 Instagrams You Should Follow If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Pretty Handwriting and while there are some goodies in there and people I’d certainly recommend myself like Kara Benz, AKA Boho Berry, I decided I’d create my own click bait version.

These are my 19 Instagrams you should follow if you love pretty handwriting, calligraphy and typography.

  1. Mary Kate McDevitt: hand-lettering artist and illustrator extraordinaire.

#startrek #conidminimalistica

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  1. Leigh Reyes: Art, Calligraphy and all-around awesomeness

For those that don't have the snap — #F #lettering #happyfriday #tgif #handlettering #withdrawul

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  1. Raul Alejandro: Type illustrator, calligrapher and designer known for his work with Nike and the Hallmark Signature line.
  1. The Postman’s Knock: Lindsey Bugbee, modern calligrapher and educator of the fine art of lettering and calligraphy.

From yesterday's practice session.

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  1. Matt Vergotis: My favorite Aussie, left-handed, brush lettering calligrapher and logo/branding designer.
  1. Neil Secretario: Typography, Lettering and Design from Atlanta, Ga. Pretty sure he’s a lefty too.
  1. Jonathan Faust: Designer and Lettering Artist in Copenhagen. Did I mention he’s a lefty?
  1. MakeMediaCo: Callie Hegstrom, creator of lettering, calligraphy, illustration and type design. Quite the witster.

I'm so excited to share this with you guys! Me & @getfiled collaborated on something and we are all excited to bring you the 2017 Filed planners!!! Yep you heard it right 😄 Since we already started the BER months so it means we need to evaluate what we've done for this year & maybe start planning out our next endeavors. So if you want to get a 50% discount on the 2017 Filed planners during the pre-order period (date TBA), simply follow the mechanics below: 1. Follow @getfiled to be able to join & make sure your account is public. 2. Flatlay a lettering/calligraphy/drawing/painting/illustration or even a papercut artwork of your ultimate goal in life and complete this sentence as your caption “_______ is my #GoldenGoal in life because ________.” 3. Once done, you have to tag one person and ask them to join the game too so they can both win. 4. You have to use the hashtags #FILEDGoldenGoal so we can track your entries. Make sure the person you tagged will post their entry too so you can win. We’ll be accepting entries until September 16. **No hashtag and no tag, no entry! I will choose 2 pairs of winners on September 17. Goodluck guys!!!

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  1. Calligrafikas by Drew Europeo: Calligraphy and Watercolor. Beautiful.

#Metallic pigments on black paper are a prime combination! ✨ #finetec

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  1. Jusebox: Hawaiian designer and calligrapher.

What's the game plan this weekend !! #fountainpen #fountainpens #penandink #pilotink #Iroshizuku #penaddict #fpgeeks

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  1. Mycustompuppet: Master puppet maker and calligraphy enthusiast posts mesmerizing videos of his penmanship and his puppet making.
  1. Attilasultis: Hungarian architecture student and fountain pen lover creates lovely lettering.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy!! 🤓💜👍🤗 Celestial photo: #JeremyThomas

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  1. Kathy Weller: Creative playful lettering, illustration and licensed design and one of my favorite artists.

The beginning process of a project by @youbringfire for @nature_valley. #StrengthInLetters #Goodtype

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  1. GoodType: Curated lettering and typography collected by Brooke Robinson.
  1. Thedailywriting: Curated collection of beautiful notebooks, particularly Traveler’s Notebooks.
  1. FoldedPenFriday: If you love the look of folded nib pens, you’ll love this feed.

Clinton Street, Brooklyn.

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  1. Frere-Jones: Type design practice in New York City collects found type images.

One year later. Last year wedding invites, this year first anniversary gift. #weddingcalligraphy #copperplate #calligraphy

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  1. cheryldyercalligraphy: Cheryl Dyer is a lettering artist and calligrapher
  1. Draplin: Found type, design and silliness from the man himself, Aaron Draplin.

Rock Your Handwriting Challenge

In an effort to use both pen and paper supplies this month AND get into a regular habit of writing and drawing, I started participating in the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge started by BohoBerry and her compatriots. This is the second month of the challenge and many people I know are doing both this month’s prompts and the previous month’s or choosing the prompt they like best. I didn’t mention it at the beginning of the month because I was a bit concerned that like so many other challenges, I might flake out after three or four days. But, lo and behold, I’m on Day 19 and still going strong!

Day 10 of #rockyourhandwriting : my supplies.

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I decided to set the bar for the challenge very low, using just a Field Notes and whatever pen or pencil I had handy to compete the challenge for the day. I would use whatever 20 or 15 minute of time I could find to do the practice and I was amazed how much I started to look forward to a chance to doodle my little rectangle of lettering.

#rockyourhandwriting Day 16: notetaking where I invoke the genius that is @rohdesign and sketchnotes.

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The challenge is designed to help get some much-needed penmanship practice in each day and, for me, a chance to do something creative that is not for anyone but me. I’ve been sharing my pages on Instagram and some are better than others but I felt it was fair to show when things worked and when they didn’t — even when I misspelled something!

The best thing about this challenge is that is has re-ignited my desire to make more art the way it has recharged other people to write more in their journals or just write more in general. So if you’re looking for a way to help get you back into a regular habit of putting pen to paper, than maybe just practicing your handwriting is a good place to start. After writing “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” you might just want to write a story about that fox or draw a picture of them and off you go!

If you would like to see all my Rock You Handwriting posts and all the other sketching and lettering doodles its inspired me to create, you can follow me on Instagram.

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

(image credit: The Pen-Guin)
(image credit: The Pen-Guin)

The recent article on the New York Times entitled What’s Lost As Handwriting Fades is too good to wait until the end of the week for a Link Love so I decided to go ahead an post the link today. Once again, scientists are coming up with studies proving that there’s some tricky cognitive stuff that goes on when we write things by hand and there is even some data that different parts of the brain are triggered depending on whether its printing or script (cursive) writing.

But we all knew this already, right?

(via NYTimes)

Cursive: Is it really that important?

thick pencil lettering

NPR recently did a report about the value of cursive in child’s brain development. By their best calculations, all fine motor skill activities are valuable to brain development, be it printing, cursive or keyboarding. But the best option is for kids to be doing all sorts of fine motor activities.

This story, however,  does not address the issue of legibility, speed of writing or not writing like a 6-year-old when you’re forty.


(via NPR.org)

A Special Collection Pencil

SFPL Special Collection Pencil

One of my favorite tourist and travel mementos are pencils. They are small and fit easily into my suitcase. Sadly, they are not as common to find as they once were. So I was tickled to see that the Book Arts & Special Collections at the San Francisco Public Library had a stamped pencils on the front desk.

When I asked the librarians if they would mind if I took one of the pencils to commemorate my visit, they held up a jar so that I could pick a “nice one.”

SFPL Use Pencils Only

I visited the Book Arts & Special Collections to see calligraphy and original typography designs. Since a lot of the material is rare, original drawings or small run prints, there were signs everywhere, written in beautiful script, reminding visitors to use pencils only.

SFPL Special Collection Folder

Even the folders and folios were beautifully handwritten in pencil. This folder was filled with hand lettering created by the head of the font group at Hallmark, Rick Cusick. Sadly, I was asked not to photograph any of the original work so this is as close as I can show you.

If you’re interested in calligraphy or the history of type design, I recommend visiting the Richard Harrison Collection of Calligraphy and Lettering.