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Moleskine Photo Albums

Moleskine Photo Books

Moleskine has paired up with Milk to introduce a line of photo books. You can upload your photos and have them printed into official Moleskine books with leatherette or linen covers, with or without a featured photo on the cover depending on which of the multitude of formats you choose. The prices start at $50 for a simple 20-page, medium (9.25″ x 7.4″) format photo book. Additional pages can be added for $1/per page. All books feature interior ivory acid-free paper.

Moleskine Photo Book Interior Spread 1

Other formats are available that include space for writing or typing text about the photos and memories with the Photo Books Plus series. These books contain 60 pages and would be a great way to create a very classy scrapbook or portfolio. Then there’s the Photo Album which is a large 9.25″ square book with 60 pages which would make a great wedding album. Photo Albums start at $130.

The Photo Books Plus and Photo Albums include linen slipcases and a digital version of your book to share and add video content.

Moleskine Photo Book Interior Spread 1

If you pre-order any of these formats now, there is a 25% discount on all the prices. If this is the kind of photo album you’ve been waiting for, act fast. The discount prices won’t be available for long.  Compared with how much we used to spend for photo prints and albums, even at full price, these books seem like a good value for cherished memories.

Flickr fights back


If you have used Flickr in the past but — in the age of Facebook and Instagram– sort of forgotten about it, I think it’s time to reconsider.

Flickr has always had some features that made it the go-to for photo storage and sharing. Yes, its a paid service but, as a result, they’ve given users more content and less filler than most other services. In the plus column for Flickr:

  • full-sized image uploads
  • no advertising
  • adult-content filter
  • lots of content-specific groups

Lately, Yahoo let the service languish. They released one iPhone app a couple years ago and then did little to update it while Hipstamatic and then Instagram trounced all over them. Even my loyal Flickr friends were abandoning ship for Facebook and Instagram’s easy digital upload and streaming always-on content.

Dear Marissa Mayer

But the tide is changing and I have to say I am happy to see it. Last summer, Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer as their new CEO and the internet responded with their plea. There were some updates to the website interface in the months following but no news about any improved integration on phones. About two weeks ago, Flickr released a new version of their iOS app which included some queues from Instagram with a built-in camera app and goofy filters so that images can be shot and uploaded to Flickr quickly. They made sharing to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pretty seamless but there’s a noticeable absence of “share to Instagram”.

8282752309_221a9f2044_n 8283810960_b2f8dae94c_n

The new Flickr iPhone app is easy-to-use but is a pretty big departure from the older version so if you were familiar with it, there may be a bit of a learning curve. Flickr has posted a helpful walk-through of all the new features. From the app, you can access your photos, photostream and groups. You can moderate your groups and search for images or people. That’s a lot of action in one little app.

My one complaint is that their is still no support for checking FlickrMail from within the app. Clearly, the folks at Flickr have yet to figure out what a goldmine FlickrMail is. With the exception of “join this group requests”, it is a spam-free email account that only friends and family with Flickr accounts can access.

If you’re a current Flickr subscriber, you should have received a little gift from Flickr in your email recently. Clearly, they are trying to entice people back to the service so go and give them another shot. And tell them what you think. As paying subscribers, our voices and needs should be heard.

Happy snapping!

(For more about the new Flickr app, check out the Forbes write-up)


VSCO Camera App

Sample Images by Pugly Pixel

I don’t post much about iPhone apps as there are 100s of places to get recommendations and lists out there on the web. Occasionally, though, something crosses my path that seems good but not-so-well-known so I thought I’d share one such find. The app is called VSCOCam by Visual Supply Co. and it costs a whopping 99¢. It is a much more subtle camera adjustment app than Instagram or Hipstamatic with simple tools to adjust the intensity of the effect as well.

Photography Apps for your iPhone

Wired 20.06 photo app article

The newest issue of Wired (June 2012, AKA 20.06) arrived in the mail this weekend and I immediately scoured the “Our Guide to Photography in the Instagram Age” article (this content is so fresh, its not even up on the Wired web site yet but I’ll link to the article as soon as it does).

Photo Editing Apps: Wired 20.06

What I can do though is provide a list of the favorite camera/photography apps featured in the special section that also included some short reviews of various mobile phones based on the quality of their cameras as well as recommendations for higher-end cameras too. So, here goes:

Recommended by Cole Rise who created several of the most frequently used Instagram filters:

Recommended by Doctor Popular of Objective Scenes:

And just to throw in my two cents, here are a few of my favorites:

Also mentioned in the article was a company called Taplayer that has created several apps that utilize a Kodak Brownie-like look as well as TtV (through the viewfinder)-style filters.

Go forth and phone-agraph!

Grid Lens is yet another iPhone camera app. It lets you create a gird of images while snapping with you iPhone. Its a nice alternative to the lo-fi photo apps cluttering the iTunes store. Lovely interface and on sale for $0.99.

(via iTunes App Store)

Spend your holidays “scanning” family photos with the iPhone app ShoeBox by 1000memories. This free app lets you crop, straighten and rotate your photo, then add comments and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It will make it a lot easier to save those cherished family photos at Grandma’s than dragging your scanner home for the holidays.

(via 1000memories)

Almost every job, project, or hobby nowadays seems to require some photography. Whether its showing a client a new product, selling something on Craig’s List or Ebay or documenting your latest creation, there is going to come a moment where you’re going to need to photograph something. Why not make that photo something others will want to see? Good photography makes your goods sell faster and you look more professional. It doesn’t require much to accomplish it either. Check out the link below from Photojojo for some simple techniques to make your product photos (aka “tabletop photography”) better.

(via photojojo)

Did you know you only need 5 things to make your own DIY at-home studio? We’ll show you what/how!

You Only Need 5 Things to Make Your Own Home Studio

The Any Camera Bag Insert

 The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert from Photojojo Store will let you turn any bag, purse or tote into a well-insulated camera bag. Its no longer necessary to search endlessly for the perfect camera bag because you can just slide this insert into any bag large enough to hold it. Its padded and water-resistant to protect your precious cargo and yet discreet — no big flashing NIKON logos letting someone know your expensive SLR resides inside. $59

(Found via Creature Comforts who willingly admitted to stuffing her lenses into old socks before jamming them in her tote until this little bit of genius was discovered)

Its taken me awhile to warm up to

Its taken me awhile to warm up to the idea of using my iPhone as a camera but I’m finally starting to enjoy the immediacy I have and all the fun and funky apps that let me manipulate the less-than-high-quality images into something interesting.

Thanks to apps like Hipstamatic ($1.99 with additional “packs” for about $0.99) and Instagram (FREE), I can add texture, blur, smudges, dirt and then process my images into black-and-white, “infrared” or a myriad of other combinations. As a result of so many options, I really needed a cheat sheet to help me figure it all out. That’s where Photojojo steps in with their Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide featuring 366 different images showing all the possible combinations using Hipstamatic.

Instagram is a little easier to use since each effect is a package of image treatment and border but it has great sharing options. Each image can be immediately uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and several other services as well as keeping a feed of your contacts’ images that have been posted via Instagram right in the application. Instagram recently added a tilt-shift function that lets you control where and how much blur is in your images too.

(The image above utilized the tilt-shift feature in Instagram and the Earlybird filter)

Photographer Ari Marcopoulos designed a sleek camera bag for inCase with enough space for an SLR, a film rangefinder (a Leica, of course), a pocket camera, an iPad and the various bits a traveling photographer might need on a day of shooting or a traveller might want while on holiday. The case is a lovely neutral grey with a clever greyscale chart on the side, the only hint to the contents within. This bag is very understated while being fully functional, well-padded and roomy. The video shows the bag being packed and in action on a day of freeform photography. (via Incase | Ari Marcopoulos)

Ona Bags

When I think about office, I also think about “the mobile office”. As working professionals, we all need to carry some part of our office with us. If you’re in law, accounting, or management, chances are you need to carry a laptop. If you’re a photographer, designer, or work in fashion or advertising, chances are you need to carry a camera. The on-going struggle for the girl-on-the-go is to not look like you’re carrying thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment or have to carry a manly camo-print bag that totally clashes with your summer skirt.

That’s where Ona Bags come into the picture. It’s a camera bag ($309) and purse all in one! Made from full-grain leather and specially designed with soft, customizable interior and foam padding. Since most leather handbags start at $200, this upgrade isn’t that far out of range.

Check out this video about the bags and Tracy Foster the owner of the company.

(via paperclippy)