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Podcast: Art Supply Posse #28

This week, Art Supply Posse broadcasts without me. And it is the start of the new (and improved version) of Art Supply Posse). Heather is joined by her new co-host, Kathy Campbell. They reflect on 2016 and plan their artistic ambitions for 2017. This is the last episode of 2016; Art Supply Posse will return on January 11th.

Moving forward, I will no longer be a weekly contributor to the show in order to spend more time here on the blog and pursuing creative pursuits and maybe, just maybe… sleeping. I am so thankful for the opportunity and support from everyone who has listened to the show and wish success and  continued support to Heather and Kathy as they move forward.

To listen to the episode and see the full show notes, visit the web site here.

Podcast: Art Supply Posse #27 Mike Hawthorne

Comic book artist, family man and all-around good guy Mike Hawthorne kept Heather and I laughing with his wit and wisdom this week on Art Supply Posse #27. Mike illustrates the wonderfully bawdy Marvel comic book Deadpool  and our conversation may also include some PG-13 language. (You’ve been warned.)

All pertinent links and shownotes on Art Supply Posse.

Poe Dameron Artwork by Mike Hawthorne from his cover process post.

Podcast: Art Supply Posse #26 All Up In A Bind

This week on Art Supply Posse, Heather and I spend the episode trying to describe bookbinding basics using hand gestures and rattling tools you can’t see. So we’ve got lots of links to videos to help illustrate our points. We also talk about the best basic tools for bookbinding like paper, string and pointy things. All super technical. Show notes are available here.

Podcasts: Art Supply Posse #23 & Pen Addict #231

Double dose of podcast goodness today!

Art Supply Posse Ep. 23 was a quick episode filled with follow-up, tidbits and creative space ideas. We had hoped to have a special guest but the onslaught of seasonal colds forced us to reschedule the interview. Show notes can be found on the website.


The annual Pen Addict Gift Guide episode #231 (Bob called it “Brexit!”) aired today without our beloved Myke who was fighting the house-moving demons. Brad and I soldiered on without him and kept our Retro 51s inked up and at the ready. All the notes are here.

Clearly this is not a good week to be named Mike/Myke.

And Tina can be found at Fueled by Clouds and Coffee.

Podcast: Art Supply Posse Ep. 22 Copic Markers & Coloring with Hannah


This week’s Art Supply Posse episode is all about Copic Markers and features my good pal and co-worker Hannah spent some quality time in Japan where she acquired an epic set of Copic markers and a crash course in how to use them. She also colored this week’s awesome artwork which is a terrarium coloring plaque from Hallmark using Copic markers.

Hannah talks me and Heather through some tips and techniques for using Copics in new and better ways. Check out all the notes on the Art Supply Posse site.


Bob and I both tried our hands at some of the Hallmark coloring pages with Copic markers too. The pages are from the Cocktails & Coloring Calm the Hell Down book. How did we do?