Giveaway Winner: Pacific Northwest Pen Show Swag!

Giveaway Winner: Pacific Northwest Pen Show Swag!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Pacific Northwest Pen Show Swag Kit giveaway!

Congrats to Kate B, the winner of our Pacific Northwest Pen Show Swag Kit with Ink-A-Pet Penguin with goggles and floaty ring, Ink-A-Pet Coloring Book, Rickshaw Portland Flag Pen Sleeve/Lanyard and sticker set. I hope this will give you some pen show joy vicariously through these fun bits.

I think a mouse friend would be a great addition to the Ink-A-Pen line-up! It would be so cute!!!!

Ink Review: Montblanc Origin Collection

Ink Review: Montblanc Origin Collection

I can’t say no to Montblanc ink, especially new special edition colors.

Montblanc’s newest line is The Origin Collection and was released as a celebration of 100 years of the Meisterstück collection. The boxes are foiled with gold or silver in a design inspired by pen designs from the beginning of the collection.

The three colors in this release are colors insipired by the pens in the Origin collection – blue, coral, and green.

Coral was the color in this group that I was most excited to see. I was hoping it would be close to my favorite ink from Montblanc – Red Chalk. But Coral turned out to be slightly darker and more red. It does have a very pleasant copper brown sheen, however.

Coral is very close to Diamine Blood Orange and Montblanc James Dean (although not so close to James Dean that I would call it a duplicate).

Green is a dark forest green with a slight dark red sheen. In writing, the green does show – it’s not so dark that it appears black.

Again, Green does come close to another Montblanc special edition color – If – but isn’t a duplicate of the color. Green is darker and doesn’t have the dusty finish seen in If.

Blue turned out to be my favorite ink of this collection which was surprising to me. I’m not a fan of many mid blue inks. Blue has just a hint of a reddish sheen but I found it difficult to get it to show.

Origins Blue is a close match to J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir in color and tone. In writing it shows as a lighter blue than most standard ink so it will stand out while still being office-safe.

The Montblanc Origin Collection on Cosmo Air Light paper:

The Montblanc Origin Collection on Tomoe River 52gsm (TR7) paper:

The Montblanc Origin Collection on MD Light paper:

Overall I was a bit underwhelmed by these inks meant to represent the start of a 100 year line of pens. While they have an Art Deco feel to them, they didn’t seem to inspire the history of the company. However, they are great color matches for the Origins pens and can be found at Montblanc boutiques or at Montblanc retail locations and are priced at $40 for a 50mL bottle. Do you have a favorite in the collection?

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Giveaway: Pacific Northwest Pen Show Swag!

Giveaway: Pacific Northwest Pen Show Swag!

While I was at the Pacific Northwest Pen Show, I picked up a few items to share with you, my lovely readers. I will be giving away all the items shown below to ONE lucky winner, drawn at random from commenters who play by the rules (details below).

From Ink-a-Pet we are including the new Ink-a-Pet coloring book which includes some “somewhat familiar” locales as well as some of the Ink-a-Pet critters in their natural habitats. Where has your ink vial holder pet gone recently? And we are also including the Penguin ink vial holder in his summer holiday costume and an Ink-a-Pet coin.

If you miss this giveaway, just know that Ink-a-Pet will be at the San Francisco Pen Show and will be making their 3D products live! Be sure to check them out!

In this giveaway we are also including the awesome limited edition Portland flag Rickshaw pen sleeve/lanyard and a handful of excellent stickers.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us which pet should Ink-a-Pet make next or which city (or state) flag Rickshaw Bagworks should make into a pen sleeve. Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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Link Love: Laura is a Yarn Star

Link Love: Laura is a Yarn Star

My link of the week is our favorite roving stationery reporter and knitting queen, Laura! She posted a link on her knitting/spinning blog about her secret identity as a knitting technical editor. If you’re curious about this unusual career, check out the interview. Laura is multi-talented and multi-faceted and I’m delighted to share this interview with you. Give her kudos in the comments!

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Pen Show Recap: Pacific Northwest Pen Show 2024

Pen Show Recap: Pacific Northwest Pen Show 2024

The Pacific Northwest Pen Show is only in its second year. Last year, the show was hosted at a hotel downtown which had its pluses and minuses according to attendees. For those staying the weekend, there was easy access to food and entertainment. However, the hotel was pricey, small and there were issues associated with any event in an urban metro— greater potential for crimes, vagrants and pricey parking, food and other conveniences.

This is my first year attending this show so I will be comparing it to other shows rather than how the PNPS compares this year to its previous year.

The Hotel and Accommodations

For 2024, the PNWPS was relocated to a suburb called Clackamas, about 20-30 minutes from downtown or the airport. This locale made the event more conducive for regional visitors (more parking), nearby restaurants and a Target (better for vendors and weekend guests).

The hotel was not the most modern in aesthetics which is not a big deal. However, many folks mentioned the lack of communal visiting space for after hours. The hotel had a restaurant and a speakeasy bar but neither was designed for the sort of communal hanging that often occurs among pen show attendees and vendors after the show closes in the evening. There was one sitting area just to one side of the registration desk and just outside the restaurant which didn’t feel as comfortable for hanging out as other hotels. All these places to meet and hang out were either dark (not conducive for writing or pen sharing) or loud (not conducive for chatting).

Why, yes! Those shelves are crooked! Oops!

Some views from the Dromgoole’s booth nook and ink palace!

The Show

The PNWPS is one of the few shows I’ve attended that is only open for two days — just Saturday and Sunday. The only other show I know of that is two days is the Dallas pen show but it is Friday and Saturday and both days are packed to the gills with attendees.

The actual pen show was held on the lower level which had only one elevator access and a set of stairs to access it. This made loading products in and out a bit challenging for the vendors and slowed entry a bit on Saturday morning but didn’t end up to be as big a deal as I would have expected. The St. Louis show is also in a lower level ballroom but there is direct access to underground parking lot for vendors and the elevator bay had multiple elevators which was more convenient but they had their own delays as well.

When the show opened, on Saturday morning, it looked like there were about 30 vendors from across the country. It is not a ton of vendors but they were all top notch products and a nice assortment of nib grinders and retail or online shops from a nice spectrum of the pen community.

Ryan Krusac and his amazing scrimshaw pen wpork and excellent fashion sense.
Fountain Pen Dulum wood ink holders, pen trays and more.
The amazing Oblation Papers had a booth set up at the show with a few of the many, many goodies that can be found in their shop.
Laser etched wood cover books from Curnow
Oh, the colors of leather covers available from Curnow Book & Leather

Strangely, there was a lot of space between each of the tables which created some weird traffic flow. I would have preferred the tables to have less space between them to help move traffic a little more directly and a little less chaotically. The extra space could have been used for meet up tables, ink testing stations or places for bored significant others to park and wait.

The tables were also shorter in length than the tables at most conferences and shows (6 foot instead of the standard 8 foot tables at most hotels). The shorter table lengths are an annoyance to vendors as many plan their table set up based on the length of the tables so being 2 feet shorter means folks needed to squish up or put fewer items out.

Overall, Saturday was very busy and we were run off our feet from the moment doors opened until about 4pm. The show closed on Saturday at 5pm so a one hour lull at the end of the day is welcome.

Information on the PNWPS website
Information about entry times found on Instagram on Sunday. Confused? So were we.

Sunday, there was some major confusion about the time that the show opened and closed. On the official web site, the hours were listed as 9am-4pm but an Instagram post went live Sunday morning with the hours listed as 10am-4pm. While an hour difference isn’t huge, it was confusing to attendees and annoying to vendors who could have had a more leisurely breakfast or not at attention for an hour for an empty room.

Generally speaking, Sundays at pen shows are generally slow and the PNPS was no different. For attendees, they certainly had more opportunity to browse and chat. For vendors, it can often be a little disappointing. Because the PNWPS is only open for two days, the hope was that Sunday would be busier than it was.

Goofin’ around with Jonathan Brooks of Carolina Pen Company – Photo from @slumberland_studio
I think I was the only person who used the “selfie station”. Damn I look tired!

My Final Comments and Recommendations

My overall feeling is that it is a pleasant albeit small show. If you live within a few hours of the show, I definitely recommend attending. If you would need to fly to this show, I’m not sure it’s quite up to the task to appeal to folks who travel long distances for pen shows.

The social and evening activities are not as robust as shows in other cities. If the show remains in the same hotel, a one-night stay is fine but, for visitors, the show doesn’t offer enough classes, activities or vendors to warrant a two-day or longer stay. If the organizers build up the classes, workshops and evening activities and create more of a conference environment over a traditional pen show, I think it could be a really great way to grow and differentiate this show from other mid-sized or small shows.

There were more attendee-specific aspects to the show which I don’t have as much information. There was a   VIP pass and I’m curious to know if it seemed worth the additional fee since, unlike other shows, 3-day passholders or VIPs at PNWPS did not get early access. I am sure there will be other recaps listed in the next week or so that I’ll be sure to include in our Wednesday Link Love.

A few of the items I picked up at the show: a Stationery Cafe coffee mug, a new Ink-a-Pet Coloring Book, a vintage telescoping dip pen and a Blackwing x Traveler’s Notebook insert with Midori MD COTTON!

Stay tuned! Later this week we will have a special pen show giveaway!

Hobonichi Stencils

Much like Ana, I had my own “objects are smaller than they appear” experience recently. For the past few months I’ve been eyeing journaling tools in an effort to make my daily journal more visually appealing. For a while I saw a beautiful stencil repeatedly advertised on both Instagram and Facebook (that I now can no longer find!) that was terribly expensive. Looking for a more reasonable alternative, I turned to JetPens and their selection of Hobonichi stencils ($7-$9.25).

I eagerly purchased the Activities and Speech Bubbles. Only when they arrived, I realized that I had failed to read that they measured 2.5″ x 3.75″ (6.5 x 9.5 cm). Honestly they’re pretty tiny and while they may work perfectly in a Hobonichi, my fountain pens and even jelly roll pens don’t fit inside them easily with more room for writing.

They’re cute, well made, perfectly portable and a bit smaller than I intended.

Does anyone have a stencil set that works well with an A5 journal that you would recommend?

DISCLAIMER: Some of the items included in this review were provided to us free of charge for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

SF Pen Show: Take a Class with Me (or some of my friends!)

SF Pen Show: Take a Class with Me (or some of my friends!)