Inky Ears: Pen-Related Podcasts

These days there are so many stationery-themed podcasts we can hardly keep track so we decided to put together a list of all the ones we know about. If I missed you, I apologize – please leave me a note in the comments and I will update the post to add you!

Otherwise grab a cup of your favorite beverage, a project (knitting anyone?) and give these a listen!

(In alphabetical order.)

1857: Join Stuart and TJ, two guys talking about analogue pursuits in a digital world – and a fair amount of nonsense too. Make the Past, the Present in the Future, this is 1857.



As The Pen Turns: Hosts Brad, Jason and Jonathan create a podcast made by pen makers for pen makers and pen enthusiasts as well. If you’ve ever had questions about what goes into the Bespoke pen making process this is a place to get those answers!


Erasable: Join Andy, Johnny and Tim as they explore their love of pencils and, more recently in the pandemic, their newfound love of pens!




Fountain Pens & Stationery: Frank and Collins discuss their love of fountain pens and stationery.




The Goulet Pencast: Brian Goulet and Drew Brown of talk about all the fountain pen things that pen fans love. They talk about what’s going on at The Goulet Pen Company, what’s new in the fountain pen world, there are interviews with people in the fountain pen industry, and lots of jokes and fun segments to keep you entertained and maybe even educated about fine writing and fountain pen-related products.


Hitchiker's Guide to the PlannerverseHitchiker’s Guide to the Plannerverse: Hosted by Philofaxy’s Steve Morton and Plannerology’s Korinne Tovmassian, this deep dive into the why’s and how’s of using a planner to stay organized and sane in this crazy world may tout itself as the dullest podcast on the internet but for us paper geeks, it can be very enlightening.


The Pen Addict: Brad & Myke host a long-running podcast that’s your weekly fix for all things stationery. They love pens, pencils and Sailors with an unholy devotion. You’ll find the latest pen industry news here, as well as links to Kickstarters, new releases and more.



The Pentertainment Podcast: Join PenBoyRoy for all things fountain pens (yammer and more!)




The Pen Noobs: Hosts Jika and Ryan say, “We’re just two pen noobs, standing in front of the pen and stationery community, asking them to love us.”



Stationery Adjacent: Join Stuart and Justin for a podcast at the intersection of analog and digital technology.



The Stationery Cafe: Enjoy candid conversations between the co-hosts April and Phyllis, or journaling-related topics with artists and stationery enthusiasts.



Stationery Orbit: Do you love fountain pens, ink, wax seals, and stationery as much as John does?




Take Note: Ted Walker and Adam Webb met during a five-week writing program when they were seventeen. They haven’t lived in the same city since — but they have been friends for twenty years. Take Note is their conversation about notebooks, attention, parenting and appreciation for the poignant and preposterous possibilities of any given moment.


Tinterías: A podcast in Spanish about all things fountain pen related! (Un podcast sobre la estilográfica y los materiales de papeler.)




Tokyo Inklings: Join CY and Jacob as they share two Tokyoites’ insider views on the Japanese fountain pen world. Japan has a HUGE stationery market, much of it hard to find for Westerners – get the inside scoop from these two!



There are also a few folks that host streams that are not quite podcasts. We’ve added those here in case you want to give them a try!

Inkdependence: Mike and his wife Audrey (the Nib Doctor at Franklin Christoph) host a weekly Friday “happy hour” live on YouTube which is my “don’t miss” at the end of the week.

The Pen Addict: Brad from the Pen Addict streams on Twitch several times a week. From unboxings to what’s on his desk on any given day, he’s got more pen content and live chats for you!

There are many more pen and stationery vloggers on YouTube — far too many to list here but it is a great resource for reviews, plan with me videos, planner set-ups and more. now has the Stationery Brew channel with a long list of stationery video streams to check out.

No longer active but past episodes  may be available:

Fountain Pen Companion: Urban, Ana, and Daniel podcast about fountain pens and related stationery items with a European perspective.




The Nib Section: This podcast features rotating hosts in a roundtable discussion podcast about fountain pens, ink and the people who go crazy for them, from Fountain Pens Oceania.




RSVP: Dade, Less and Lenore chat about all things stationery! I love their discussions of journaling, gameplaying and other analog hobbies that make use of the items we love.



Again, if we’ve missed anyone please let us know!