Video: Adam Savage’s EDC

Ever been curious what Adam Savage of Mythbusters carries with him everyday? Watch this video to see his favorite tools. Enlightening… I like him even better now!

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  1. He has a nice, basic EDC. I think he misses the boat by not carrying a small folder or Swiss Army Knife, but then again it sounds like he has a full Leatherman multi-tool that lives in his workbag. That is probably enough for him.

  2. Great to see someone with an unpretentious EDC that he can carry in his trousers. Wallet, keys, phone, pen, notebook, flashlight, wristwatch are all most blokes will ever need. Agreed about a Swiss Army Knife – though I find the tool on that I use most often is the nail file.

    I’ll have to put up a revised EDC blogpost some time as I’ve found that one or two bits and pieces in my EDC were not being used – for example I never use my mini prybar.

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