This is one of my favorite notebooks.

The Hand*Book Journal Co. blank books are beautiful. They are covered in hardback book cloth with blank pages inside. The paper is heavier weight and toothier than a standard Moleskine (and much cheaper) and available in a square 5×5 size, as well as more traditional 3×5 and 5×8-ish size. The elastic is a bit more substantial but the book mark is shorter than the Moleskine. They are produced by a local Kansas City company called Global Art Materials which makes me more inclined to support the local guys! I wish they had a shop in town. I’d love to buy directly from them.

Highly recommended. Available in all sizes on Amazon.

All hail the Sherpa!

The Sherpa is a brilliant little invention to classy-up your Sharpie or other disposable pen or marker. They are well-weighted metal casings that fit over an existing pen. I bought a Sharpie Sherpa for my husband and he loves it. It helps him keep track of his oft-used Sharpie because he doesn’t want to lose the Sherpa.

Sherpas can be used with the following pen types:

  •  Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Marker
  • uni-ball® Vision™
  • uni-ball® Vision Elite™
  • uni-ball® Deluxe
  • Papermate Liquid Espresso®
  • Pilot® P-700
  •  Pilot® P-500
  •  Pilot® V-Ball Grip
  •  Pilot® V Razor®

If your favorite pen just happens to sell for under $2 at the big-box office supply shop, no one will ever have to know!