Ona Bags

When I think about office, I also think about “the mobile office”. As working professionals, we all need to carry some part of our office with us. If you’re in law, accounting, or management, chances are you need to carry a laptop. If you’re a photographer, designer, or work in fashion or advertising, chances are you need to carry a camera. The on-going struggle for the girl-on-the-go is to not look like you’re carrying thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment or have to carry a manly camo-print bag that totally clashes with your summer skirt.

That’s where Ona Bags come into the picture. It’s a camera bag ($309) and purse all in one! Made from full-grain leather and specially designed with soft, customizable interior and foam padding. Since most leather handbags start at $200, this upgrade isn’t that far out of range.

Check out this video about the bags and Tracy Foster the owner of the company.

(via paperclippy)