Perpetual Desk Calendar by Single Chair on Etsy

The idea here is that the calendar sits on your desk and each day has a card. Each day you can write a note, a little memory, or a quote and then move the card to the back of the stack revealing the next days card. Year after year you can add new notes to each days card, while also reflecting on the notes and messages you left for yourself from years past.

Each perpetual calendar comes with 365 cards (plus about 30 extras) plus the customized cigar box as a holder.

(via paperislovely)

Choose a 6-pack of life-affirming pencils for just $6 a set — all #2 graphite pencil yumminess. Choose from:

  • “Awesome” on Red
  • “Explore. Dream. Discover” on Green
  • “Oh Happy Day” on Sky Blue
  • “It’s Mind Bottling” on Black
  • “You Cheapen Me” on gold
  • “Create Happiness” on orange or purple
  • “Stay Classy” on pink or silver
  • “Boing Alert!” on neon pink, green, yellow or orange
  • “Son of a bee sting!” on white
  • “Adventure Awaits” on yellow
  • “I’m Kind of a Big Deal,” on brown

(via Earmark)