I am a big fan of the Pilot Hi-Tec C pens but I also quite like the Pentel Slicci (pronounced like “peachy” according to the Pentel of America twitter), which is its closest rival.

The pen barrel of the Sliccis is much slimmer (and completely smooth) compared to the Hi-Tec C’s which have the dimension of a standard six-sided pencil. Oh, ye of large digits might find the Sliccis too small to hold comfortably but those among us of petite digits (and even smaller handbags) may find them quite endearing. The Slicci multi-pen may help those who find the barrel of the standard pens too narrow.

The ink is bright and flows easily while maintaining a tiny, razor-point tip. Available in .025, .03, .04 and .07 tips there are options for all tastes. There are 20 colors available in the smaller points sizes which is a delightful way to brighten up your notes or match your favorite notebook. And of course, they are all available at Jet Pens — the mecca of Japanese office supplies.

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