CableDrop Cable Clips and other cord management tools

One of the issues that frustrates me most about keeping a well-appointed desk is finding an attractive way to wrangle all the cords and cables — both in the office and on the road.

I found a few things that might get me started on the road to cord wrangling.

For my office, I spend a lot of time picking up my laptop power cord from the floor so the CableDrop Cable Clips are just the thing. They can be attached to the side of a cabinet or desk and discreetly hold those pesky cords from falling on the floor or behind the cabinet… again.

To bundle up all those cords connected to my surge protector, the Cable Monkey Cable Organizer adds a little whimsy to the arduous task of cable management.

While we’re on the subject of monkeys, I spotted this little Monkey Earbud Wrap the other day and started wondering if there was a better way to keep my earbud cord besides wadding it up and tossing it into the bottom of my bag only to spend 10 minutes untangling it later. While I think the monkey is darling, I was hoping for something a little less primate. The Belkin 3-Pack TuneTie seems to be the perfect solution. The TuneTies are currently selling for just $1 on Amazon, so it seems like a gamble worth taking.

If you have any tips or products for cord wrangling, let me know!

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