Also spotted at the Atlanta Retail Gift Show was the LEUCHTTURM1917. It is a high-quality, less expensive alternative to Moleskine. The Leuchtturm1917 is a German-made journal that has all of the great features found in your Moleskine and so much more. Classic good looks and all the standard size of the Moleskine notebook, the LEUCHTTURM1917 also has numbered pages, an index and sticker labels for the front and spine of the journal and the last eight pages are perforated for easy removal and fit nicely into the folder on the inside of the back cover. Reviews (another here and another here) suggest that the LEUCHTTURM1917 journals outperform Moleskines but that there are still issues with bleed-through from front to back of each page.

I’m most interested to try out the dot-style book which utilizes a dot grid instead of lines or a standard grid giving the best of both worlds.

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