Rdio makes your office sound fabulous

Rdio makes your office sound fabulous

After several weeks of experimenting, I have to say that Rdio is the best desk accessory. Pronounced “ar-dee-oh”, this streaming service is sleek and efficient. It syncs with your iTunes and adds all the songs from your library to your collection on Rdio. It can then make recommendations based on the artists you like. You can also listen to what your friends and co-workers like (— although sometimes, its better not to know that the burly guy in the next cube is jamming out to Britney Spears).

If you are like me and work on multiple machines, Rdio makes it easy to bounce from work to home to laptop to iPhone and have all your music in one place. Build playlists or just have Rdio pick a random assortment.

Get a 7-day free trial, then pay either $4.95 a month for the online only option or $9.95 for online and mobile which lets you set-up playlists on your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android or Blackberry. There is a desktop app that runs via Adobe Air for Mac or PC.

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