There is good reason why I couldn’t pass up the Agent Obsolete mixed lot of office supplies — pencils. And green ones, at that.

From top to bottom:

  • “Romang Gstaad” was determined to be a chalet builder in Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Green “China Marker” by The America Crayon Company labelled “No. 517 GB”
  • 8H Venus pencil unsharpened
  • Venus Green Coloring Colored Pencil
  • Eberhard Faber Van Dyke Copying Very Hard Pencil
  • Bradford Clothes for Men Portland, OR advertising pencil
  • Richard Best Finest GReen pencil
  • Dixon Thinex Green 375 pencil
  • 3H Venus Pencil
  • Holiday pencil from J.S Greenwood Wholesale Beverages in Wemme, OR
  • Dixon Anadel green colored pencil
  • Sacred Heart School pencil Portland, OR

And along the left, a black wooden nib holder.

(by me)

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