Pilot Hi-Tec C 4-color muti-pen

At brunch this weekend, I was telling a friend how much I love my Pilot Hi-Tec C Coleto multi-pens so I thought it was high time I shared this wonderful little tool with my online friends too. This is the 4-color version but there are now even a 5-color option as well as higher end bodies. Each Hi-Tec C can be filled with an array of gel ink color options in widths from 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5mm as well as a mechanical pencil component (in 0.3 or 0.5 size). Ink colors can be purchased in 10-color sets or individually so that you can pretty much customize your pen to be anything you want it to be. All serious? Then choose black, red, blue and a pencil. Got a favorite color? Then pick all ink colors in your favorite hues and a body to coordinate. Can’t make up your mind? Buy a 10-color set and a clear or white body and try out a bunch of different options. Your total investment for a basic body and colors to fill won’t break the bank. A 4-color body is just $3 and individual ink cartridges are $2. Pencil component is $2.70. There’s even a stylus option for electronic devices like Nintendo DS.

I’ve owned at least three different multi-pen bodies and filled and refilled the inks many times and I have to admit that they are my go-to writing instrument. I love the wide, rubber grip and the endless color options. Coleto pens are inexpensive enough to not be precious but reusable and tough enough to last quite awhile. I’ve had only one pen body lose the rubber bits (glue lost its stick) but I still use it anyway.

(via JetPens.com)

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