I am not a fan of color e-book readers for actual reading. I find the backlit screens to be tiresome to my eyes after awhile and the glossy screens to be all but useless in daylight. I, do however, find e-readers with black-and-white e-ink to be immensely satisfying for reading. I researched for ages trying to decide which of the big e-book readers to purchase: the Kindle from Amazon, the Nook from B+N or the Sony Reader. After a long drawn-out list of pros and cons, my decision came down to font choices and the stock serif face on the Nook was nicer looking than the equivalent face on the Kindle.

The only thing I have not liked on the Nook is the teeny, color touch-screen navigation across the bottom which is quite a battery-eater.

So, I am pleased to see B+N’s newest e-ink reader with a touch black-and-white screen and a battery that could last up to two months. Without the touchscreen at the bottom, the overall size of the unit has decreased making it even more portable. The overall size now if 6.5”x5” which is an inch shorter. 

With this longer battery, multiple format options and smaller size, the Nook could become THE e-reader to own. Now, if B+N could just get the prices down on their e-books.

Wifi-enabled version is currently available and selling for $139.

(via Barnes & Noble)

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