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A notebook and a pen can be a highly effective personal productivity system

Why pen and paper?

You may think about iPhones, Blackberries, or at least a computer, so you can remember and search and so on.  I tried using those, but they didn’t work well.  Pen and paper have unique characteristics that are suitable for just “getting things done”. 

  1. Infinite portability: you can take it anywhere,never run out of power,and never lose signal. 
  2. Intuitive:  It is just a tool, and never adds burdens to your brain. This is crucial when you are doing something creative. For me only something creative really excites me. Only those kinds of things can bring me real progress. 
  3. Limitation: You can’t put tons of information on a page in one second. You just write the most important notes most of the time, focusing on the most important words. So you will never face tons of information that easily overloads your brain.
  4. Distraction-free: When you plan anything on a computer, you have to face tons of distractions, IM messages, new emails, rss feed readers, twitter replies, Facebook updates, etc.

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