Poketo Undated Clover Planner

Have you ever gotten the urge to get organized in March or July? Most paper planners have start dates of January, though you can get lucky and find one that starts in September for back-to-school or even rarer one that starts in June. But if that itch to get-it-together starts, say, today, what are you to do? That’s where the Clover Planner comes in to save the day. The pages are noted for the days of the week but the month and date are left blank to fill in as needed.

There are also an assortment of other pages to help you stay on top of things like weekly planning pages, cashflow, notes and sketch sections, pockets for photos and cards, and index stickers.

The Clover Planner is available in green or red for $26.

(via Poketo!)

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