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I love my Pilot Hi-Tec C Coleto multipens so much, I finally decided to upgrade to the mid-range Me 4 series. I’ve had several variations of the original multi-pen bodies but thought I’d step up to this solid lime green body? Why? I was hoping the additional $5 in price would be a sturdier more elegant pen compared to the translucent plastic of the lower end bodies. Besides, Jet Pens was stocking it in my favorite color— lime green.

As the name implies, this Coleto pen body holds four different pens. I loaded it with three 0.4 inks and the 0.5 mechanical pencil. Total for the whole assembly was a little over $16. Since the refills are identical to the those I’ve used in my other Coleto multi-pens, the only difference was in the weight and finish of the holder. The smoother shape was more enticing to hold than the earlier models and the smooth soft rubber grip circles the whole pen barrel rather than the arcing ribs on the previous models (which had a tendency to peel over time). Overall, I quite like the Me 4 series body and it does feel like a step-up from the lower priced bodies but I’m not entirely sure they are worth the $5 price jump.The Coleto Me 4s are available in five colors for $8.25 each, pen cartridges are sold seperately.

Of course, I’m equally curious about the even pricier Lumio 4 series with the metallic finishes but for $16 per body, I’m not sure I’ll be making the jump anytime soon. Though the classic silver and black finishes on the Lumio 4s look quite professional and upscale, they are still plastic.

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