The Dymo Tapewriter 1054


This vintage Dymo was found at the White Cloud Flea Market, still in the box!


Made of heavy industrial beige metal it is a behemoth of a Dymo.


Despite its weight and size, it is one of the easiest Dymos I’ve ever used. The clamp action is smooth and even and it presses the letters with very little effort. I am floored at what a fabulously functional artifact this is. If you ever spy one at a yard sale, I recommend you grab it!

Still available is the Dymo 1011 which is a heavy duty “professional” tapewriter marketing to outdoor and forestry usage. It seems that these large heavyweight Dymos can use Aluminum Non-Adhesive and Stainless Steel Metal Embossing Tapes. I am definitely going to try out some of the metal tapes and see if they work in my older industrial tapewriters.

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