Vintage Repro Cahiers Review

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Laughing Elephant has created these vintage reproduction French cahiers. Each notebook has the classic look of a vintage composition notebook with cardstock covers with rounded corners. There are eleven different designs in their line of French Notebooks, these are just two of the designs. Inside each book is warm white paper with pale sepia lines.


Each book has just 20 pages but the paper has nice tooth and would be the perfect size for a special project or short-trip, travel journal.


Under my fine writing instruments test, everything performed pretty well except for my Kaweco Sport fountain pen which splined along the fibers in the paper. I suspect its a cotton blend so other tools worked great and felt great. The fountain pens was a bit of a bummer.


The best thing is there is almost no bleed-through, even with a Sharpie so with the average ballpoint or rollerball, you could easily use both sides of the paper getting the most mileage out of your 20 pages. Each book is just $3.95 so its easy to buy more than one and share.


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