While laptop graphics and iphone cases can be

While laptop graphics and iphone cases can be frivolous, I’ve discovered that they come in handy identifying which one is mine.  I was at my friend’s for brunch recently and there were four different iPhones on the counter. Without turning them on, each unique cover made it easier to tell which was which. I run into the same issue at work since we all use the same looking laptops. This is where Society 6 can come to the rescue.

Society 6 offers artist-designed iPhone cases and laptop vinyl graphics. This particular design is called Against the Grain by Andy Pitts. Society 6 offers a range of products with designs from artists featured on Gawker, Threadless and other well-known sites. Laptop decals are $30, iPhone cases are $35 and iPhone/iPod Touch skins are $15. There are some fantastic designs so you’re bound to find one or two you like. (via Society6)

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