The First Lost Crate

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I received my first shipment from Lost Crates last week. I apologize for taking so long to post about it.

First, I have to that the simple corrugated box with stamps all over it definitely feels like a special package that has made its way across the world to me.

My first "crate"

Inside the crate

 Note inside crate

Inside the package is bundled in kraft brown tissue and held together with twine. As a designer, this packaging makes this kit worth every cent! (And I haven’t even seen what’s inside yet!)

Contents of crate

Inside were the products they selected for me based on their simple visual quiz. I received a highlighter in green made from recycled materials, a decorative roller ball pen with a floral pattern by Josh Davis on the casing, a Miquelrius zipper pouch (which is padded inside) with a pattern designed by Emil Kozak, a blank black Ecosystem notebook, and a set of two decorative notebooks from French Paper Pop Ink.

Field Notes Missouri

And then tucked underneath everything else was a Field Notes State Fair edition for Missouri. Sweet!

With the exception of the rollerball pen (which was quickly absconded by someone at work) everything in the box was something I would have purchased for myself so I feel fairly confident that the quiz is decently accurate or the folks at Lost Crates just have exceptionally good taste. And when I do a little math in my head, the value of the merchandise is at least equal to the subscription fee so it feels like a good value.

Now, I’m even more curious what goodies I will receive next month.

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