The Le Pen is a total guilty pleasure for me. I remember in my pre-teens I discovered Le Pen and much to the displeasure of my school teacher’s insisted in writing all my homework and papers in one of the more flamboyant colors as teeny, tiny as I possibly could. I’ve noticed a resurgence of interest and enthusiasm around the Le Pen lately so I thought it was time for me to come out of the pencil box, so to speak. At a mere $1.25 each, these 0.3mm, acid-free, smudgeproof, microfine markers are little gems worth sharing. Available in over a dozen colors from tried-and-true red, black and blue to lively orchid and teal. Keep your eyes peeled and grab one when you get a chance. I’ve seen them at Paper Source and Papyrus in the past couple weeks or you can get them online.

(via BLICK art materials)

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