I’ve been a big fan of the Rotring Art Pen for years. It was one of the first fountain pens I purchased, found in an art supply store for about $20. The Art Pen has a long paintbrush-like shape which gives it nice balance and an unusual look. It is available in several nib sizes including wider, chiseled calligraphy widths, M and B “lettering” nibs and F and EF “sketching” nibs. I own the EF which has worked well over the years despite the occasional year or two of neglect. It accepts standard ink cartridges and I’ve even been able to squeeze some of Levenger’s extra-long cartridges into the pen because of its elongated shape. Our friends over at JetPens carry the fountain pen converter which allows the use of bottled inks instead of just cartridges.

Rotring Art Pen

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