Pilot Opt 0.5 Mechanical Pencil

This is a review I wrote awhile ago. I thought I’d repost it here on The Well-Appointed Desk where people might see it.

The Pilot Opt 0.5 mechanical pencil in “stardust blue”  from Jet Pens is a standard plastic-bodied mechanical pencil. It has a wide barrel and rubber grip for more comfortable writing, a standard click end to extend the lead (Oh, and I just discovered its also a shake pencil! Duh!!!) , a small eraser under a translucent grey cap and a spring loaded clip to attach it to notebook or pocket. There were two leads included and they write with silky smoothness. Its nicely weighted and reasonably priced at $3.30.

What really makes this pen stand out is the metallic, midnight blue case dappled with a sprinkling of silver “stars.” It makes the pencil look like you’re holding the cosmos in your hand. This pencil has earned favored nation status and is carried with me everywhere while other similar tools languish in drawers and cups.

[Tested on Moleskine blank notebook hence the slightly yellowish cast to the paper]

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