A subscription is a great gift that will keep on giving like the Colors subscription from Field Notes. If you purchase a subscription now, you’ll receive two sets of the Northerly 3-packs and two kraft-cover 3-packs sent immediately and then quarterly, other limited edition sets will be delivered. Each quarterly set will include two 3-packs so you can use one and share one or save it like the geeky collector I know you are. In total, you (or your very lucky gift recipient) receive 30 memo books for $97 including shipping. Sweet deal. Make sure Santa knows you’ve been good.

Other great subscription ideas for the office supply-inclined is the Rad & Hungry STMT kits which are available as individual sets, quarterly subscriptions or annual subscriptions. Prices start at $16 plus shipping for the single sets.

And of course, we must not forget Lost Crates. Personal subscriptions of office products tailored to your taste (via an online survey quiz) are $38 a month or try one of their gift crates or limited edition crates.

(photo via FIELD NOTES)

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