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After over a year of steady use, I have to say that the Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen is my favorite fountain pen. I do not purchase many fountain pens because a lot of them are pricey, finicky and tend to be on the large side, designed more for men-of-means than ladies-on-a-budget. But Kaweco is a clear exception.

The design of the pen makes it very small when capped and a decent length when uncapped (the cap rest nicely on the end of the pen). Its available in just a few universally acceptable colors (navy, black, white, bordeaux and demonstrator clear). I purchased mine with the extra fine nib which I love but fine,medium and broad nibs are also available. It accepts standard replaceable ink cartridges and, thanks to Kathy Z. over at 16 Sparrows/Letter Writers Alliance, I now know you can refill these plastic ink cartridges with a Goulet Ink Syringe. Also, a clip is available in either gold or silver ($2.30) $21

Other Kaweco fountain pens are also available and range in price from the brightly colored plastic ICE series for $21, the student model for $55, the metal finish AL Sport models for $69 and the carbon fiber for $112.

The student model is the only version that does not fit into its cap for the shorter dimensions when not in use but this does allow for carrying an extra cartridge inside the body or room for a refillable cartridge.

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to this neat, little pen. I bought the clear fountain pen with an extra fine nib and liked it so much that I purchased the matching rollerball with the little black leather Kaweco Sport pen case. Now I have to learn how to refill the cartridges with bottled ink and I’m all set. You have a great site – keep up the excellent posts!

  2. i want to eventually get out of the beginner/novice/starter fountain pen ghetto, so i have been tenuously looking at pens in this range. i’ve pretty much decided that i want a TWSBI Eco, after ruling out the Lamy Vista but its nice to be aware of Kaweco Sport.

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