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Four months ago, I mentioned a new app discovery called Alfred. I thought I would follow-up to let you know, I cannot live without it now. The simple act of clicking Option+Spacebar and keying in the first few letters of anything has shaved so many seconds of clicking around on my computer that I think I’ve added at least a day of productivity to my life. Really.

Add to the free app with the PowerPack (£15 or $24) and you can do even more than just locate files, calculate, spell and shutdown (favorite feature!). With the PowerPack, once you’ve located an image or file, you can immediately email it or open it with a specific application. There is an iTunes mini player controller, ability to find a contact in your Address Book quickly and access clipboard hisories. There are opportunities for even more functionality with scripts and more but that’s outside my realm of expertise.

So, try out the app and see if you find it useful. If you do find it useful, try out the PowerPack and really blow your mind! My fingers hardly ever leave the keyboard now.

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