Peanuts Moleskine Weekly Planner

Peanuts Weekly Planner

If you had asked back in November what planner I would choose as my planner for 2012, I’m pretty sure that the Peanuts Moleskine weekly planner would not have even made it on the list. However, since I waited until the first week of January to actually commit to a planner, my options were not only limited but almost nil. That’s not to say I haven’t ended up being quite pleased with the hand that fate dealt me.

I scoured around looking for a week-at-a-glance planner in a size approximately 5”x8” (give or take) preferably with a hardcover. I am choosy about the fonts used for the dates, the color of the lines or presence or said lines (I tend to avoid them if at all possible) and that left my options fairly limited even before my procrastination.

Inside page view

I finally just had to make a decision and it was getting to be well into the first and then second week of January. Lo and behold, I found the Peanuts large weekly planner with no lines on the date side of the page and then a full lined page for notes each week. Perfect. And somehow, Charlie Brown’s mopey face on the cover was just the sort of humor I needed for work.

Address book addition

But the best surprise was found tucked into the back pocket: a small address book, prefect for keeping all my correspondents information handy.

Tabs from address book

For every couple letters of the alphabet nicked into tabs is a simple lined page with plenty of room for not just addresses and phone numbers but also an array of additional information as suited to your needs.

Despite my normal reticence to Moleskines somewhat thin paper, this creates a thin volume that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to my day-to-day bag and still leaves plenty of room for meetings, notes and reminders.

I would definitely consider another one of these planners for next, with or without the Peanuts gang gracing the cover.

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