Writer’s Bloc poses the the criteria and question “What paper is fountain pen friendly?”

Based on their criteria, I’m not sure I’ve found the perfect paper yet.

Here’s their criteria (and I’m thrilled to note a special caveat for us lefties!):

  1. The fountain pen ink does not bleed through the paper excessively.
  2. The ink is not overly visible from the back side of the page.
  3. The ink does not feather or has minimal feathering on the paper.
  4. And for the lefties of the world I will add the ink must dry within a reasonable amount of time on the paper! In fact, this personally is my highest priority, otherwise I cannot use the paper with a fountain pen. I’m hoping the use of fast-drying ink will expand my fountain pen friendly paper selection.

Click through to their post to leave a comment and read what others have recommended.

(via Writer’s Bloc Blog)

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