Jolly Copying Pencils

Jolly Copying Pencils

I not only purchased the graphite Jolly copying pencil mentioned in the earlier review this week, I bought the whole set of indelible/copying pencils from Pencil The Jolly copying pencils came in green and graphite with gloss painted bodies with gold foil lettering. The pencils are round which is a bummer as I tend to prefer the hexagonal or triangular shape but since these are those rare birds that is copying pencils, I have to take what I can get.

Jolly Copying Pencil Test

It turns out that both the blue body and black body were graphite based — the blue being the harder, lighter graphite (like an HB or H) and the black being a softer, darker graphite (like a 2B or 4B). When wet, the blue pencil all but disappeared in comparison to the softer black graphite.

While I’m fascinated with the green lead copying pencil, I don’t quite how I would use it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Is there an agent for the Jolly Copying Pensils (blue) in Greece? If there is one please send us their name and e-mail so that we can contact them, if not please let us know how we can order them your company. Thank you for your time

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