Lamy Studio Brushed Stainless Steel with 1.1mm nib

Lamy Studio

I have been wanting to try a Lamy pen without the plastic grip guides for “proper holding” for sometime. All of the low-end Lamys (Safari, Al-Star, Joy, Vista and ABC) feature this grip which helps a lot of people but as a left-hander who overwrites, it is a pain to use. So, I decided to take a chance with the Lamy Studio line which features a smooth cylinder grip and some very classic modern looks.

Let me say right off, I was not disappointed in the look of this pen at all. Because its brushed stainless steel, its weightier than the Al-Star I’ve owned and it looks much more refined and elegant than other Lamys I’ve seen.

Lamy Studio

The cap clicks on and off with an audible click and the cap can be posted on the end with the same audible click. I found the pen a bit too heavy with the cap posted but its good to know it can be posted with no issues. I bought a 1.1mm nib with this pen in an effort to simulate the quality of my vintage Esterbrook stub nib in a modern pen and I have to say it worked out much better than I expected.

Lamy writing test

As you can see in the writing sample, there is nice line variation though the edges are a bit crisper than with my Esterbrook stub. I suspect that an experienced nib tuner could tweak a Lamy 1.1mm nib to write just like the Esterbrook Fine Stub by softening the edges just a bit. I’ll certainly look into it in the future.

Close-up of writing

With my overwriting angle, I was still able to get a variety of line variation with no issues — pushing, pulling, dragging — the pen was smooth and efficient. I used J. Herbin Vert Olive ink for my tests. One of the reasons I like the stub/calligraphic nibs is that it allows me to use some of these lighter colored inks and still have good legibility.

Madeline plays with my new Lamy

Even my right-handed friend Madeline who is well-recognized for her calligraphy took the pen out for a test drive with some wonderful results.

List price for the Lamy Studio is $85 and the 1.1mm nib can be purchased for about $10 more from your favorite pen retailer.

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  1. Now I’m compelled to try one. I’m also a leftie-overwriter, and have the same issues with the Safari. Mine sits almost completely unused, 5 years after I bought it! I thought I was just inept; it didn’t occur to me that we were not meant to be together. 🙂 (Your handwriting is so straight and tidy, though; not mine.) May I ask what color that ink is in the photos above?

  2. I’m sure this is a great combination but one thing that I dislike about Noodler’s pens in general, Ahab in particular, is the fact that the ink evaporates quickly and it also dries up if not used daily. Have you noticed this in your Ahab?

  3. I’m sure this is a fantastic combination, however I don’t like Noodler’s pens in general, and Ahab in particular, because the ink dries up if not used every day and evaporates soon. Do you recall seeing this in your Ahab?

  4. I’ve been using this pen to write me book since 2016. It’s one of the best pens around! Nothing beats it for getting the words down on paper.

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