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I realized recently that while I’m on-the-go, I favorite lots of things on Twitter with the intention of going back to visit them later. So I thought I’d start making it a regular feature here. Great links, photos and info culled from Twitter.

If you work in a design firm, ad agency or other venue where those little (and quitte expensive) Pantone chips get torn out and wind up in jars, drawers and taped to sheets of paper, you may want to consider getting the Slip Pantone chip sleeves. Its a convenient way to store chips that get pulled but not used. Five-pack for $12.95, 10-pack for $19.95. (via SwissMiss and ChipSlip)

Delfonics pencils, pouches and more are available from Notemaker, an Australian office supply shop. (via Notemaker)

A beautiful vintage Aurora 88 from Mr Maxim. (via Twitter)

A feature on Mr. Zip, our favorite postal mascot. (via Felt & Wire)

An iPad fits inside a Letter Writers Alliance members-only document folio. (via LWA and Flickr)

Best tool to stir a martini? A Blackwing pencil, of course. (via

Mail, letter and typewriter inspiration (from Tiny Mailbox)

A video tutorial on how to switch a Rickshaw Bags shoulder strap to be left-handed compatible. And while we’re on the topic of Rickshaw Bags, have you seen the new Zazzle print-your-own graphics Zero Messenger bags? (via Rickshaw Bags)

A Taipei pen shop with a fabulous sign (via Patrick Ng and Instagram)

Also, from Patrick‘s Instagram feed is this letter lovers cycling helmet from Nutcase. Handle with care! (via Instagram)

In a jam and need a ruler? Try these printable paper rulers. (via Twitter)


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