Rad + Hungry does Berlin (again)

Rad + Hungry Berlin Kit for April 2012

In my giant pile of mail upon my return from traveling was this little gem from Rad + Hungry. Its the April Berlin stationery kit with the Der Brunnen Block blank notepad, a Faber-Castell Grip 2001 (my favorite pencil) and a solid metal sharpener from M & R. I’ve already taken the paper for a test drive and it writes beutifully!

Faber-Castell pencil and sharpener

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    1. I love the Grip 2001 pencil. The triangular shape and bumpy rubbery dots make for an incredibly comfortable pencil and the graphite quality is excellent with many hardnesses available. I have found them in both art supply stores and in the drafting section of the big box office supply stores.

    2. I think this entire topic is so iniseerttng as well! I try and try to get Bug to hold his penciol correctly and every once in a while he will do it, but the majority of the time it is the full hand clenching. This is one thing that his teachers have upset me with. Everytime I bring it up I am brushed off with “oh, most of the kids in here don’t hold it correctly yet” Ugh, well, you are a TEACHER!!! Anyways, I feel like I am the only one trying to create any change in this. He is starting to write and if he would just hold the pencil the right way it would be so much easier for him.I’m so glad you brought this all up!:)RebeccaAWalkThroughTheValley.com

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