Muji Retractable Gel Ink 0.38

Muji Hexagonal retractable gel pen

This Muji retractable gel ink pen in 0.38 purple is another in a long line of goodies I grabbed while at the Muji store in Hong Kong. It has a clear, frosted, hexagonal body and the total absence of graphics which is one of the things that make Muji such a nice antithesis to big box office supply pens. Even the clip is integrated into the overall look in the same frosted plastic. Its probably not a heavy-duty clip but enough to clip on to the front of a notebook or pocket easily. There is no cushion on the grip but it has a wider-than-usual body making it comfortable for the price. Probably not the pen to write your next novel with but would be perfectly comfortable for daily notetaking. Through the case, you get a hint of the ink color with the cap matching the ink (or at least coordinating with it).

Muji Hexagonal retractable gel pen

I had never used this particular Muji pen model before and I don’t normally gravitate to retractable pens (nor purple pens) but this one is a delight to use. It glides across the paper with ease, the color is bright and rich without being too pale or too dark. Its actually a lovely violet purple color, not the pale lavender of the cap. It writes with a fine 0.38 tip and it really cannot be beat for the price. I paid $9HK which is about $1.16US. At this price, this is a pen you can leave on your desk and not be devastated if it was co-opted by a co-worker. I wish I had purchased more colors of this pen. If you’re ever near a Muji shop, I recommend seeking it out.


(This pen was tested on the Miquelrius medium flexible 300 grid paper book purchased from B+N.)

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    1. The pen was purchased many years ago so I’m not surprised it’s no longer available. Many of mujis pens are white labeled versions of brand name Japanese pens. Many are Pentel Slicci pens.

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