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Wired 20.06 photo app article

The newest issue of Wired (June 2012, AKA 20.06) arrived in the mail this weekend and I immediately scoured the “Our Guide to Photography in the Instagram Age” article (this content is so fresh, its not even up on the Wired web site yet but I’ll link to the article as soon as it does).

Photo Editing Apps: Wired 20.06

What I can do though is provide a list of the favorite camera/photography apps featured in the special section that also included some short reviews of various mobile phones based on the quality of their cameras as well as recommendations for higher-end cameras too. So, here goes:

Recommended by Cole Rise who created several of the most frequently used Instagram filters:

Recommended by Doctor Popular of Objective Scenes:

And just to throw in my two cents, here are a few of my favorites:

Also mentioned in the article was a company called Taplayer that has created several apps that utilize a Kodak Brownie-like look as well as TtV (through the viewfinder)-style filters.

Go forth and phone-agraph!

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  1. Hey Ana, great recap from the article. I’m so stoked to be in there with Cole, and be able to share my fave apps with others. Thanks for the Taplay tip. I’ve played around with their TTV app, but not many of their others.

    Speaking of, have you messed around with our Postagram app yet? I’d love to do a card trade with you, just go to

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