The last of the Hong Kong Pen P**n

Inside CN Square in HK

These are some of the last photos from my trip to Hong Kong. These are some insider shots at the various office supply/pen shops I visited. A lot of stores are very touchy about photography so I had to be fast. Oh, the delicious colors and selections! I just had to bring a few photos back to share. If you ever needed a reason to visit Hong Kong, this might just be it.

Clickety, click, click.

This is a retractable pen lovers dream. How do you pick just one?

More pen colors!

Pilot Frixion Point and Colors in a wide array of configurations. A reader commented that these are great for planners as meetings often get cancelled or rescheduled and being able to erase a meeting is more aesthetically appealing than repeatedly crossing them out, especially in those small spaces.

gel pen colored goodness

Lots of gel-based pens in an array of brands and colors.

Hi Tec C refills and pen bodies

Being able to select refills for my Hi-Tec-C from a whole display was a joyous experience. The thrill of instant gratification, for sure.

(All photos were taken with my phone inside either City’Super or Log-On except the first photo which was taken at CN Square.)

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  1. Besides seeing family, stationery stores are one of the few perks for me to go home for a visit. I remembered I got trapped in a stationery with two floors fill with pens! My sister and I were pacing back and forth between two floors, deciding what to get!

  2. Those FriXion and Sakura shots! *drool*
    I too, use my FriXion pens for my planner. They keep things SO much neater looking, especially for a college student who shuffles assignments to optimize procrastination! Even with a standard multi-color pack available in the US, it’s easy to color code tasks.

  3. Is this what heaven looks like?
    Truly, I don’t know how you got out of there alive (my thought process: Rent? What is rent? Buy all the pens!).
    How were the prices of these compared to those in the US?

    1. The prices of the pens were a tiny bit cheaper overall since most came from Japan. For me though, it was just the availability of so many pens that I cannot buy locally, only online.

      The confusing part for me was that the HK dollar value is about $6HK to $1US so the prices looked high until I did the mental conversion. “$35HK!?!? oh, that’s only $5.85US.”

  4. Wow! The only thing close I’ve seen in the US are the Japanese book/pen stores in Manhattan (NYC). Truly mind boggling and easy to blow sooo much money. Thanks for sharing.

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