Yes, People Do Spend Money on Pens


I don’t normally read Fox News but this is a nice little fluff piece about pen collecting that makes for a nice introduction to the hobby (or should I say passion?), particularly in the vintage market. The article does go on to mention a jewel-encrusted Montegrappa worth a small fortune so there’s something for everyone.

(via Fox Business)

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  1. Sadly, the article made it sound like only people who could afford pens more expensive than houses collect pens. A LOT was left out of the article that was discussed – like all of the awesome under $100 pens that are available, or all of the lovely vintage pens. A little blurb for the hobby, yes. Good promotion, not so much…

    Lisa Anderson

    1. I agree the article is definitely skewed towards the exorbinant spenders and not the hobbyist collectors. I don’t own a single fountain pen valued over $100, most under $25. But the article does go on to mention The Fountain Pen network and that, in the age of iPads and smartphones, there are still people out there who believe in the joy of a good pen, so that’s something.

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