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Tachikawa nib holder

This is a nib holder from Tachikawa Model 40 via Jet Pens. It is listed as a tool for comic and manga artists but if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with flexible nibs for calligraphy or more decorative writing and line weights, this nib holder is a great option.

The Tachikawa is designed with two grip rings for nibs that accommodate just about every style of nib on the market — some nibs have a wider arc at the base that normally fit into one size holder and other nibs have a smaller arc that require having another nib holder to hold it — which makes it universally handy. Then there is the soft padded grip area… ah! Most nib holders are just wooden or plastic and can be uncomfortable after using them for awhile, so this soft grippy area is a welcome option.

Tachikawa Brand Nib Holder

And finally, the nib holder comes with a plastic cap to protect your nib from damage when traveling or even when it just sits in a cup on your desk. Can I tell you how many times I’ve impaled my hand on a nib accidentally when reaching for a pen?

$6.75 (worth every red cent)

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  1. So cool! I’ve always wanted to try one of these. What nib are you using? Is there a basic “set” that you could recommend for a beginner for writing ?

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