Halfway Through (almost)

My lovely friend Diane from Tag Team Tompkins opened her Moleskine to share  what it looks like to be halfway through for her. She uses a large Moleskine hardcover with lined pages. She uses an assortment of tools from office supply gel pens to artist’s brush pens and was keen to tell me that she did not mind when she got ink showthrough on the opposite side of the page. “It’s all part of the process,” she told me.

This page features notes about insect symbolism in Japan and a bit of her insect paper cuts taped into the book with washi tape.

Diane and her granddaughter tried out some new brush markers.

On this page, Diane’s grandson drew her portrait and gave her a sticker fortune which he proclaimed to be “very lucky.”

While traveling to Japan, Diane sketched and kept notes including details from a book she was reading.

Many thanks to Diane for sharing this intimate look at her words, pictures and ephemera!

Are you ready to share what your notebook looks like when it “halfway through”? Email me your submissions!

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