Uni-Ball Jetstream F*Series Multi-Pen

Uniball Jetstream F*Series Multipen

As I have previously mentioned, after swearing that all ballpoint pens were the vilest of all writing tools and eating crow when introduced to the Uniball Jetstream 0.5 in Ash Green, I decided to test drive one of the Jetstream Multipens. This model is considered part of the F*Series (F for feminine but I think F* looks like a swear word and there is nothing about this pen that is all that feminine other than it is a fairly narrow body for a 3-tool multipen) and was purchased from our fine sponsors, JetPens for $11.50. The body of this pen is a smooth black plastic (called Luminous Black) with bits of metallic mica flakes in the plastic that gives it a sparkly, starry night look. Inside the pen are two Jetstream pens, one red and one black and both 0.5 and a mechanical pencil that is also 0.5. There is no eraser included with the pen. While I normally find on-pencil erasers inadequate, I thought I’d point it out.

uniball jetstream f*series multipen

The ink is super slick but the fine point and whatever hoodoo magic Uniball worked, the inks dry quickly, even for this messy overwriting lefty.

To be honest, I think the Uniball Jetsrteam perform best on cheap office papers, legal pads and copy paper. I think its also writes extrememly well with little showthrough on the thin paper in most Moleskines. Its the perfect budget tool for the office for this reason where you may not always get the option to choose high quality papers for notetaking.

There are lower-priced Jetstream multipens available in both 0.5 and 0.7 widths with erasers and soft grip areas but I chose this one for its good looks. I have a Pilot Opt Mechanical Pencil in Stardust Blue that compliments the Jestream F* nicely.

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  1. It is coincidental that I decided to try out Zebra Surari, after people rave about it nonstop. Though the pen has not arrived, I am hoping (keep your fingers crossed) that I will be amazed by a ballpoint!

  2. The Jetstream is in my purse for one purpose. It is the only pen I’ve found that will not skip or blob up on thermal paper – which is what almost all credit card receipts print on now. This pen is my “sign here” pen. That is all. I too believe that ballpoint pens are from the devil, but I love the Jetstream. I’m going to have to try out this multi-pen version. 🙂

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