Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, not the brush ones

A few weeks ago, I did a quick comparison of several “felt tip” pens, but somehow managed to leave out the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen which is available in both a standard variety of felt tip sizes as well as the less warmly received brush tip version.

While visiting the local Utrecht art supply store this weekend, I got into a discussion with the stockist about various pens and she commented that she preferred the PITT pen over the Micron. Well, that was a challenge I was willing to undertake.

While the store display featured almost exclusively the brush style pens, I was able to find a black in XS (their demarcation for extra-superfine) and a dark sepia in S (superfine). As best as I can tell, Faber-Castell only produces the Artist Pen in black, sepia or sanguine in XS, S, F, M and brush. Both colors are remarkably waterproof.

I found the pens to be comfortable, easy-to-use and the quality of the tips are quite good. I do think they could give the Microns a run for the gold if only they were available in a wider variety of colors.

$2.59 per pen at Utrecht

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