Hey Goldilocks, pack it up!

After a Goldilocks moment with a couple sale backpacks I found on Timbuk2, I was able to establish that the 10L-sized Pisco was a tiny bit too small for me and the 20L-sized Shotwell was way too big. Goldilocks needed a bag that was “just right” so I’ve been on the hunt for something in the 15L range.Timbul2 didn’t really have anything in that range and most backpacks I found are either too hi-tech or too kid-centric for me. So, where do I turn? My friends, of course!

Thanks to a tip from Kathy at 16 Sparrows, I discovered the Kelty Cycle Hiker which coincidentally is 18L-sized and styled in a classic, non-super-hiker/skater/kid look. In cross-referencing, I also came across the iconic Fjällräven Kånken, a Scandinavian classic since 1987 which is a 16L volume bag. In the “plus column” for the Fjällräven Kånken is that its available in a wide range of colors but sadly it doesn’t have padded straps or much in the way of internal organization. The Cycle Hiker has more internal organization and those coveted padded straps but is only available in a few colors.They are comparably priced in the sub-$75 range though both can be acquired for a bit less with some searching on the internet.

Decisions, decisions! I think I’m going to order the Kelty.

Anyone else stocking up on back-to-school items, even though you might not be in school anymore?

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